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Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore...

As the 5 year anniversary of our time with the Washington Post nears (August 7, 2011) it is a great time to reflect on the amount of changes that have taken place during the past 60 months. When the adventure started back in 2006 we were responsible for the delivery of the Post and Post only in Luray ,Virginia. We inherited a customer base of just over 400 from the retiring Gary Ward (30+ years) and started to build relationships with many of our home delivery customers. ________________________________________ Fast forwarding to today we now have over 2,000 names in our data base and a delivery area that resembles the size of the state of Rhode Island. Add in the trucking responsibilities to an ever growing list of products (The Korea Times is the latest) and one can see just how overwhelming the job has become. _________________________________________________ The list of products now includes the following: The Washington Post - Page County & Shenandoah County USA Today - Shenan