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...and a Happy New Year!

Whoever you are with, wherever you are when the ball drops in Time Square to kick off 2012 - we hope you have a fantastic New Year. We are looking forward to the opportunity to serve you even better in the coming year! Be safe :)

Merry Christmas from CCD

From all of us here at Crystal Clear Delivery, we hope you and your family have a joyful Christmas. Remember what really matters this holiday season and be thankful for all that you have been blessed with.

Happy Thanksgiving

All of us here at CCD hope you have a fantastic, warm Thanksgiving. We would like to add that our favorite part of Thanksgiving is eating the left-overs for days afterward! Try not to eat too much stuffing and mashed potatoes... or at least balance it out with some green beans :)

CCD proud to announce latest client - Page News & Courier

Beginning with the November 3rd edition we will begin single copy delivery of the Page News & Courier. The PN &C is a weekly newspaper based out of Luray ,Virginia and it hits the streets every Wednesday morning. You can find a copy of the newspaper in select locations within Warren County, Shenandoah County and Rockingham County while it is available throughout Page County. The newspaper is a community based read that includes the work of Sports Editor Bill Meade. You can follow the teams from both Page County and Luray each week as well as keeping up with the athletic endeavors taking place at Mt. Carmel.

Going Once, Going Twice - Sold ! Palooza Auction Update

We are very excited to announce that Mr. Kerry Painter has signed on to be the Auctioneer for the Panther Palooza 2011. Kerry will represent his company - Old Dominion Auctions as we look to move 100 items from the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. this Sunday night (October 23rd) at Page County High School To read all about the Panther Palooza Festival please click the link below:

The Panther Palooza 2011

Click on the link here to be directed to the site updating the PCHS festival

Happy Birthday!

Whose birthday is it, you ask? Ours! While Crystal Clear Delivery has been around for over a decade, it's our five year anniversary of delivering the Washington Post in Page County.

Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore...

As the 5 year anniversary of our time with the Washington Post nears (August 7, 2011) it is a great time to reflect on the amount of changes that have taken place during the past 60 months. When the adventure started back in 2006 we were responsible for the delivery of the Post and Post only in Luray ,Virginia. We inherited a customer base of just over 400 from the retiring Gary Ward (30+ years) and started to build relationships with many of our home delivery customers. ________________________________________ Fast forwarding to today we now have over 2,000 names in our data base and a delivery area that resembles the size of the state of Rhode Island. Add in the trucking responsibilities to an ever growing list of products (The Korea Times is the latest) and one can see just how overwhelming the job has become. _________________________________________________ The list of products now includes the following: The Washington Post - Page County & Shenandoah County USA Today - Shenan

TV Books make Sunday April 3RD a long morning.

About 20% of the way in to the process the morning this past Sunday we noticed that some of the inserts for the newspaper were feeling lighter than others. A quick examination showed us that a large number of them were missing the TV Book. ______________________________________ We try our best every week to verify that the package contains the TV Book but this week a "Cover Ad" was sold to the good folks at Mattress Warehouse. This Ad is given the outside cover of the package which in turn blocks our view of the TV Book. ______________________________________ The next eight hours were spent trying to swap out as many of the "Lite" inserts and we were able to correct over 200 of what we think was about 250 to 300. We then posted a message on the office phone about the situation and ordered some replacement books for redelivery on Monday morning. ______________________________________ It is our hope that everyone ended up with their TV Book and that this glitch will

Later Sunday Truck forces a shuffling of HD Customers

Once it became obviuos that the Washington Post Sunday truck was going to continue to arrive at our office later and later we knew that we would have to add an additional HD route. The new route will allow us to keep providing the level of Sunday service we strive for here at Crystal Clear Delivery. _____________________________________________ The changes will mean that a number of customers will be receiving their Sunday paper from a different delivery person. This could cause a slight change in the final resting spot of your newspaper. If you notice that your paper is being left in different location or is arriving at a different time you will know now why. _____________________________________________ One of the areas that will see a noticable change is Western Strasburg / Back Road area. These customers will go from the end of the Strasburg route to the start of the newest route. This would change the ETA as much as 2 hours earlier.

Where have my funny papers gone ?

With all of the changes to the Sunday newspapers we have received a number of calls asking why weren't the comics inside the plastic? The funny thing for us is we were always calling the "plastic" the Comics. The funny papers are now located inside the paper but outside of the wrap. We just need to call the plastic by another name... Maybe the guts ?

Adjustments to Our Sunday finishing times...

For those of you that are early risers, even on Sunday morning, might have noticed your Sunday newspaper arriving just a little later. While we have proudly been able to keep the finishing times inside the Post deadline the 8 routes are finishing later due to a permanent change in the arrival time of our truck. ____________________________________ We now receive our papers roughly 45 minutes later each week and to most the change would not be noticeable but for the early risers that are at the end of the routes will see a slight difference in delivery time. If you have any questions about this I welcome you to drop a line or call.

New Additions to the CCD Family !

While we hope that there was no noticable change in our delivery on those days we are proud to announce that two babies were added to the Family that is Crystal Clear Delivery during the month of January! Two proud papas welcomed Christopher Noah (1/3/11) and Robert Jackson (1/17/11) to their families and in both cases Dad was able to be there in plenty of time for the big moment!