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Road Trip to Kansas - Duke falls 44-16 to Jayhawks in front of 51,000

Game Ticket for JayHawk football. Memorial Stadium from the outside view. The KU Cheerleaders hard at work. The view of the Missouri River from the Airplane. Duke's Renfree looking to escape his own goal line. Both of Duke's QB saw pleanty of action during the game. Lewis finished 16 of 27 for 181 yards but 3 sacks and 2 interceptions, including one pick six. The Kansas QB put on a show for the home fans. Reesing finished with 334 passing yards/3 TD's/0 Sacks/50 rushing yards. Very Impressive Show put on by the young man. Walk, Chalk, Jayhawk Jayhawk fans doing the Wheat Wave after a score. Next up for Duke - Home vs. North Carolina Central 7:00 P.M. 09/26

Friday Night Football - Covering the Waynesboro Little Giants

Team Captains for Waynesboro(L to R) - Michael Wood, Steven Ross, Jon Issacs,Tyler Briggs Waiting for the team to take the field The Cannon has been a part of Spotswood for 20 years now. The peak of the Masaanutten Mountain Range is a pretty cool back drop for the football field. Chris (L) and Josh on the pre-game show. Week 3 of covering the Waynesboro Little Giants took Chris Graham and myself to the campus of Spotswood High School. Josh was covering the game for the News Virginian and he joined us on both the pre-game show and our half time show. ____________________________________ We witnessed the first lead of the season for the Little Giants when the team scored a touchdown late in the first quarter to take a 7-6 advantage. While the lead didn't hold up it was still a positive note on the night. __________________________________ Waynesboro fell to 0-3 on the season and will return to action Friday night when they travel to Staunton for a Southern Valley District contest wi

Helping to support the Luray Volunteer Fire Department

Chris with Mr. Carroll- known as the nicest man in Page County #1 Hole @ The Caverns Country Club #10 was our hole for this years event Linda, Mr. Tim Beckett and Chris ________________________________________________________________ Wednesday was the 4TH annual Luray Fire Department Golf Outing and we were fortunate to be a part of it for the third straight year. __________________________________________________________________ If you live in a small town like we do one of the first things you come to appreciate is the local folks that rally around the community by giving their time and effort for both the Fire Department and EMT's . __________________________________________________________________ The event was once again held at the Caverns Country Club in Luray with the difference being this year it was in September instead of June. 18 teams signed up for the event and the winning score was a 12 under par 60. But the big winner was the Luray Fire Department...

Mr. John Leonard of the ATVL - One Class Act !

One of the highlights of my summer was the opportunity to have John Leonard and his family be involved with our baseball team down in Waynesboro . John was there when we started the project and while he won't be returning for year two he will always be a big part of our organization/family. The amount of Class that John displays was ever so apparent in his posting on his site last month where he explained his reasons for not returning. The story below was written by a man that I feel fortunate to call a Friend. August 21, 2009 Some News My self-imposed hiatus is over, so let's get to the off season , shall we? First of all, I've spent some time over the past couple days preparing my top lists of hitters, starters, and relievers, and I will begin those lists soon. First, though, we have some news we have to get out of the way: I have left the ownership group of the Waynesboro Generals. The first question that is asked in these situations is why? Let me be very, very c

News from the old Home Town - Ichiro makes it 9 Straight!

SEATTLE - Anyone out there old enough to remember Wee Willie Keeler ? Safe money says that there is no one alive today that was around when Keeler ran his record of 200 hit seasons to eight straight back in 1901. _________________________________________________________ But we are all talking about Keeler this week because Ichiro Suzuki broke the 108 year old mark my making it nine for nine when it comes to seasons with 200 hits. Ichiro made it to town one year before we left the Great Northwest and he proved to Major League Baseball that an everyday player from Japan can make it in the bigs . Even as our team has struggled over the years it was still fun to check the box score to see how many hits Ichiro picked up that night. _________________________________________________________ 2,000 hits plus the 1,000+ hits from Japan makes fans wonder just how high can the total number of hits run before Ichiro hangs up his magical bat?

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