Friday, September 19, 2008

Charlie Dodge: The Father of Warren County Wrestling

Charlie Dodge was added to the Warren County's Lawrence M. Shiflett Hall of Fame on September 12 for his dedication and achievements while coaching the Warren County wrestling team. His plaque (pictured below) reads as such:

Charles T. Dodge

Warren County High School Head Wrestling Coach from 1986 to 1999: Referred to as the "Father" of Warren County Wrestling, Developed a middle school wrestling program, little league wrestling program, and helped to establish Massanutten Matmen Wrestling Club. Established and ran summer wrestling camps for youth. During his tenure, he coached 16 district champions, 5 regional champions, 24 all-region wrestlers, and 13 all-state wrestlers. Dodge finished his career with 116 team wins.
Quote: "Try hard, have fun and never quit."
September 12, 2008

Charlie Dodge: He's kind of a big deal...
  • Referred to as the “Founding Father” of Warren Co. Wrestling after resurrecting the program in 1986 following a year that WCHS did not field a wrestling team.
  • After building the program to it’s first winning season in 1991 the team went on to have 8 consecutive winning seasons with Charlie Dodge at the helm. That winning streak has continued to the present day (17 years).
  • Developed a middle school wrestling program at WCMS
  • Developed a little league wrestling program for Warren County.
  • Established and ran summer wrestling camps which brought in National and Olympic champion wrestlers as camp counselors.
  • Helped to establish the Massanutten Matmen Wrestling Club and acted as the club’s president for many years.
  • Virginia State editor for Wrestling USA magazine for over 10 years.
  • Under his directorship numerous tournaments were held in Warren County showcasing high quality wrestling by some of the best teams in the state.
  • After persevering through 5 losing seasons with a combined record of 17 wins, 58 losses, and 2 ties the following 8 years the record was 99 wins, 47 losses, and 1 tie.
  • During his tenure he had 16 district champions, 5 regional champions, 24 all-region wrestlers and 13 all-state wrestlers.
  • 3 of his last 6 teams finished 11th or better in the state tournament.
  • Charlie finished his career with 116 wins.
A Note from Mrs. Dodge (Alias: The Rabid Rebelle)
"Additionally, Charlie resurrected the wrestling program after it folded for about a year due to not having a coach. When Charlie started they didn't win a single match--mostly because he couldn't field a full team and they had to forfeit a lot of matches. But he hung on and year by year they improved until they became one of the strongest and most well known programs in the state. I mean, when you get an Olympic medalist like Bruce Baumgartner and hall of famer Wade Schalles to come and work your wrestling camps, I think you've arrived.
Needless to say I am very proud of Charlie. I know how very hard he worked, how much he cared, and how much he gave to the wrestling program. I know because all of the hours he gave to WC were hours not spent at home with the kids & I. Truth be told, I resented that for awhile but then realized how important it was to him and that he didn't make the sacrifice lightly. I also realized that this was precisely why I loved him so much--that he could commit so totally to a community of kids that needed this sport and needed him. It is touching and gratifying indeed to witness the warmth and esteem that the people of WC hold for him. He is one in a million! LUCKY ME!"

For more information on Warren County Wrestling, visit:

Every 5TH Day with Greg Maddux : We need runs, any runs

Greetings from the parking lot of Johnny Appleseed's in downtown New Market. Just finished up week #5 of the ESPN-1240 Augusta County High School Game of the Week with Chip Crabill down in Waynesboro. Spotswood (2-3) put a hurting on the Waynesboro Little Giants tonight by a final score of 47-6.

Always fun to work with Chip and I made it out of the park in time to get back to New Market for the 10:40 PM start of the Giants @ Dodgers game. Greg Maddux is down to just a couple of more starts in the regular season and things looked good for two reasons.

1. Maddux was coming off his strongest start of the season. He pitched into the 8TH inning and allowed just 2 singles and 0 runs. Trouble is LA also scored 0 runs ...

2. Maddux has owned the San Francisco Giants over the years...

Combine the two and things looked good for Maddux to break the tie with Roger Clemens for the #8 spot and to also reach 5,000 innings pitched. There was simply NO way the Dodgers (winning 14 of 17) could fail to score for a third straight Maddux start, could they?

Greg reached the 5,000 inning mark but was UN-done in the fifth inning. He had surrendered three runs and there were two runners on base with two outs. Maddux got a fly ball to left field were Man-Ram managed to miss play the ball so bad he failed to even get a glove on it. As I said many a time with Tony and Dallas in the Rebels press box- play a ball so poorly that you don't even touch it and you escape the error.

The third out that should of been turns into a 2-run double and the next batter goes yard to turn a 3-0 game into a 7-0 game. Don't know which troubles me more- the ZERO for the Dodgers or the 3-earned runs that turned into 7-earned runs...

Last 3 starts for Greg -
Dodgers go 9 innings scoreless in their 4-0 Loss to San Diego
Dodgers go 10 innings scoreless in their 1-0 Loss to Colorado
Dodgers now have gone 6 more scoreless and trail 7-0 to San Fran

25+ innings of scoreless run support for Greg over the last 2 weeks...

There should be one more start for Greg during the Dodgers series against San Diego (23RD-24TH- 25TH) but nothing more. They have 8 games left after tonight and there is no telling what Joe Torre will do if and when the Dodgers make the playoffs. The record with the Dodgers stands at 1-4-1 ND.

I remember the night that Maddux went back to LA and Greg Brill laughed about the fact that at least Greg will receive some run support now after getting little from the Padres. Six starts with LA and the numbers are 1, 4, 5, 0 ,0 ,0 or 1.6 per game...

What does a guy have to do to get a little love from his team? The fact that they are 14-1 in the games not started by Maddux over the last 15 makes the question even more puzzling...

12:34 AM Update - Barry Zito has taken his shut out into the 8TH inning now- still 7-0

Bridgewater Tournament Schedule

A big "Howdy hey!" from the amazing University of Virginia. It has been a while since I've added to the blog, I know, but I wanted to take some of the weight of updates off of dad's shoulder if only for one night. Here is some information about the Bridgewater Tournament schedule brought to you thanks to Gregory Spector!

*Bridgewater College (BC)
*Pomona-Pitzer College (PPC)
*Randolph College (RC)
*Southern Virginia University (SVU)
*Sweet Briar College (SBC)

Quick Facts and Tie-Breakers

*The tournament will take place on two courts and will follow a round robin format.
*Final standings will be based on pool play finish.
*Two way ties will be broken by head to head results.
*If a three way tie occurs for first, teams will be ranked by game percentage, then point percentage.

Friday, September 19

Court A
4:00PM - PPC v. SBC
6:00PM - BC v. SVU

Court B
4:00PM - Open
6:00PM - RC v. SBC

Saturday, September 20

Court A
10:00AM - BC v. RC
12:00PM - BC v. SBC
--One hour lunch break
3:00PM - PPC v. RC
5:00PM - BC v. PPC

Court B
10:00AM - PPC v. SVU
12:00PM - RC v. SVU
--One hour lunch break
3:00PM - SVU v. SBC
5:00PM - Open

Strasburg Rams Volleyball : Final Steps before the Bull Run

QUICKSBURG -I had my third chance to visit with Rams Head Coach Suzanne Mathias and her Rams Thursday night and I noticed a "New" noise coming from the team...

Strasburg defeated Shenandoah County rival Stonewall Jackson 3-1 to improve their record to 7-2.
Strasburg opened the match strong with 25-14 and 25-16 victories but Stonewall would rally back during game 3. Facing match point while trailing 24-23, the Generals finished the game by capturing three straight points to force a fourth contest.
The start of the fourth game was when I first noticed the progress the Rams had made this season. Stonewall opened the 4TH game strong, opening up a 14-10 lead and appeared to be on their way to forcing a fifth game. Strasburg remained calm and came up with the run they needed (14-4) to retake the lead at 24-18. Senior Bethany Doman finished the match off with her 7TH kill of the night and just like that the Rams had captured their fifth straight non-district match.
The quiet confidence during the later stages of the match turned into an outburst of laughter amongst the seemingly relaxed team. It was one of the things that makes the game of high school volleyball such a treat. These young ladies are just trying to represent their schools and as they say-playing for the name on the front of the jersey.
"We are starting to play together as a team out there," Mathias said. "They have been working really hard and you can see that they know where their teammates are going to be."
Jenna Smoot (14 kills, 6 blocks) and Lauren Agnew (10 kills, 2 blocks ) led the attack for Mathias but the victory was a team effort. Mathias took the time to explain the cycle of life that her team has experienced this year.
"They have times where they become frustrated with my expectations, " Mathias noted. "They are sure that they have what it takes to meet those expectations. Everyday in practice I simply keep making them work through that frustrations because I am not going to lower my expectations for them."
After watching the Rams earlier this year at both Page County and Luray, the confidence that the team is playing with has grown by leaps and bounds. The rest of the Bull Run District will once again have their hands full when it comes time to face the Rams. Strasburg will open district play next week with road trips to Berryville (Clarke County) and Madison (Madison County). The Madison match is on Thursday night and should create one more opportunity to check in with Mathias & Her Rams...
"They can hit the ball and they are powerful if they attack the ball," Mathias added. "We just need to focus on finishing."
Great news from Blacksburg where Kaitlin Smoot survived 75 Hokies trying to make the Va. Tech Club team. 75 players vying for one of 12 spots on the club and Ms. Smoot accomplished just that and will be playing her freshman season for VT. I will try and look into their scheduling to see when the will be playing in our area! CONGRATS Kaitlin !

Thursday, September 18, 2008

VBL Update : Thursday Night with Woodstock's Roger & Mickey

Roger Wilkins is the man that works so hard to make you feel at home each and every night that the Woodstock River Bandits play at Central High School. I have known Roger for a few years know and his ability to work the microphone in a way that makes you feel like he is having a personal conversation with you is just one of his remarkable talents.

Thursday night had Roger and his partner in crime Mickey (Bridgewater- Class of 1979) were in the gym at Stonewall Jackson High School to watch Roger's daughter laced them up for the Stonewall Jackson Generals Volleyball team. Whitney Wilkins is a sophomore on the Varsity team coached by Sophie Stout.

Whitney wears #2 and is listed in the program as a setter and outside hitter and Roger was there to show his love and support for her every step of the way. Roger is the Boys Basketball Coach at Central,teacher, assistant Athletic Director for the school, PA Announcer for Stu's River Bandits and this is just the start of the list for one of the most amazing people you will have
the pleasure to meet.

Jeff Burner, the Mayor of Quicksburg as I like to call him, was in the building to confirm that the younger Wilkins has a number of her father's traits. When I was able to pass the kind words on to Roger later, he response made me smile.

"I try and make sure she understands the important things in life," Wilkins said. "You need to make sure how you act and how you treat other people."

Dad was cheering on his "Tiger" all night and it was fun to get to visit with Dad and Daughter after the match. "Tiger" has been Whitney's nickname for about 15 years now and I don't think she would want her Dad to be any other way!

Roger will add PA for the 2009 VBL All-Star Game next Summer as Woodstock will be hosting the game at Central. After watching him teach,coach,lead and mentor over the past 3 years I can't think of a better person to handle that task for the VBL!

Love the Class that is Roger (and Mickey)...

Roger & Mickey

Mickey has a story for every occassion and a smile on his face to go with it...

Picking games with the Page News and Courier- Week #4

Another great week-end of High School, NCAA and NFL football is ready to get under way and thanks to Bill Meade we get to have a little fun with it. Here are the 12 games he has picked out for the folks this week:

High School:

Strasburg @ Page County
Luray @ Madison County
Wilson Memorial @ Nelson County
R.E. Lee @ Broadway


Va. Tech @ UNC
LSU @ Auburn
West Virginia @ Colorado
Appy State @ James Madison 7:00 PM Saturday Night


Arizona @ Washington
Pittsburgh @ Phili
Jacksonville @ Indi
Dallas @ Green Bay

Generals Sign Guy Mike improved for the third straight week by going 7-5 last week and is now at 17-19. The group on board at the paper is led by Nerissa Viafora (24-12, 9-3)....
Good Luck...

Two full days of Volleyball this week-end at Bridgewater College Invitational

Five teams will make their way into the Gym at Niniger Hall this Friday and Saturday as the Lady Eagles of Bridgewater College host their 2008 Bridgewater Invitational. Play is scheduled to begin Friday afternoon and run all day on Saturday with BC playing one match against each one of their guests.

* Bridgewater College
* Sweet Briar Vixens (just north of Lynchburg)
* Randolph College Wildcats (Lynchburg)
* Southern Virginia University Lady Knights (Beanu Vista)
* Pomona-Pitzer Sagehens (California)

Bridgewater enters the event with an 8-1 mark with two victories over tourney foes. The Lady Eagles collected 3-0 sweeps over both Southern Virginia University and Randolph College earlier this season.

SVU will enter the tourney with a mark of 8-6, including a 3-1 mark down at the Emory & Henry tournament. Their lone loss down at E & H came at the hands of Bridgewater by a 3-0 score. The Lady Knights also played Sweet Briar earlier this month and defeated the Vixens 3-1 at Sweet Briar.

Randolph College is 4-8 on the season with a match tonight against Mary Baldwin before the tourney starts. The Lady Wildcats have made one trip up to BC this season (Loss 3-0) but have not faced any of the other squads to date.

Sweet Briar College (Vixen) is 4-9 and has faced Southern Virginia University (Loss 3-1) .

Ponoma-Pitzer Sagehens are making a cross country trek to our Valley as their campus is just a few miles outside of Los Angles. They bring a 5-3 mark into the event with no common opponets.

5 teams will be playing 4 matches each so if you do the math, you will see there will be 10 matches played during the two day event. After doing a little digging around for the full schedule here is what I can tell you about the matches:

Bridgewater: 6:00 PM Friday vs. Southern Virginia
10:00 AM Saturday vs. Randolph College
Noon Saturday vs. Sweet Briar
5:00 PM Saturday vs. Ponoma-Pitzer

4 matches in the books and 6 more to search out...

Sweet Briar : 4:00 PM Friday vs. Ponoma-Pitzer
6:00 PM Friday vs. Randolph College
3:00 PM Saturday vs. Southern Virginia

7 Accounted for, three to go : Still need Southern Virginia vs. Randolph, SVU vs. Ponoma-Pitzer and then Randolph vs. Ponoma-Pitzer...

The campus should be hopping as the BC Football team will host Ferrum at 1:00 PM on Saturday as well. Plenty of reasons to make your way over to Bridgewater College this week-end!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A VBL Game of 52- Pick Up

Today marked the final day of starting the process of getting all 52 of the ATV-60 Jackets on their way to their new homes. If you are one of the fans wondering where your jacket is, Please check the list of the folks that have offered to help me get them distributed...

Luray's Bill Turner (6) - Bill has the 2 Turner Jackets and the 4 Buckley Jackets

H-Burg Teresa Wease (18)- Teresa has all 18 of the Turks jackets

Generals Sign Guy Mike (6)- Mike has 5 of the 6 Generals jackets, Chip Crabill has Seans'

New Market's Bruce Alger (6) - Bruce has his, Kay's, Linda Keens and the 3 for Winchester

Kay & Boyd - Have the 2 for the Grants

Scott in Haymarket (3) has the three Sens jackets for Joe and the Parker's

The Dodge's- (5) - Their 3 plus the two for Buck & Jacob

The Carter's each have their jackets

More Pictures from BC's Volleyball Match @ EMU

EMU's Laura Stoltzfus after her serve
BC just after the kill...
Mr. & Mrs. Davis (Tricia's Parents)
Tricia (30) and two of her hitters
A victory celebration!
Page County's Alan Knight and BC's Greg Spector after the match
Ms. Katie Baker
Seth and the EMU Sports Information Director Mike Zucconi
Where did it go?
EMU's game program

Bridgewater College Volleyball : Lady Eagles continue early season roll with 3-0 Sweep at Eastern Mennonite

Katie Baker (23), Tricia Davis (30) and Brittney Wittmer (31) ready to attack
Mama Baker keeping a close eye on the action
Katie and the coaching staff discussing their next move
The banners of the ODAC
Seth hard at work with the stat program
Game #1
Game #2
Game #3
Bridgewater College Head Coach Greg Spector

HARRISONBURG: The Lady Eagles followed up their Saturday ODAC road win at Emory & Henry with another impressive 3-0 victory Wednesday night at EMU's Yoder Arena. You see the final scores in the pics above and there will be more to come, including the match stat sheet from EMU's Seth McGuffin (Luray Wranglers). The latest victory moves BC to 8-1 overall and 3-0 in the ODAC!

Kills for the Lady Eagles:Erika Dirnagl 13,Brittney Wittmer 9, Katie Baker 7 and Candice Guy 6

Tricia Davis recorded 30 of the 39 Eagles assists... Wittmer went 24 of 24 (5 Aces) from the service line while high flying Kara Hayslip connected on 13 of 14 (3 Aces)

Bridgewater College will be hosting their own invitational this Friday evening and all day Saturday before returning to regular season ODAC play.