Just how special is Mrs. Teresa Wease to us here at ATV-60?

Special enough that I will stop by her condemned stadium every time I drive thru H-Burg until they tear it down (Day or Night). Here is a picture of a work permit found under the rubble. The date on it is April 04,2003
Another Brick from the Wall - A great keepsake !
The door that us ta be...
The ticket taking table
The Old Snack Bar
Need soap to wash your hands

The stadium under-belly
Notice that the gate and polls is all that remains from the fence
Sorta Spooky looking...

How many games were played in the old ballpark?
How many fans walked up this runway out to the bleachers ?


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. I've been going over often and taking my own. I FINALLY got Bob over there yesterday evening to take a look. He's been as bad as Matt about not being able to face the inevitable. I guess if you ignore it it's not a reality ... that is until you try to start working on an unbelievable challenging 2009 season that is proving to pose ALL KINDS of CHALLENGES, ISSUES ... then the reality comes crashing in on your like a ton of bricks or like a stadium that's being demolished and crashing down on all of your memories! O.K. I'm getting too sappy I know. Did you get my e-mail with my Kodak Gallery of the Vet? I'll upload the pics from last night and try to get that out to you again. This is more emotional that I ever thought it'd be. What's amazing is that I've not seen any other photographers over there to capture this ... it's history. Once it's gone you'll never be able to get those pics again! Jerry, it's almost gone!

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