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So You want to Raise a Barn? Here's an inside look to the steps taken to construct a Pavilion at Page County High School

The goal is to test the thought process behind ONEOFUS.CARE at a higher level. After a few much smaller events it is time to go out and see if the combination of Volunteer and Bartering efforts will work if the boundries are pushed considerbly further. Just incase the map leads us to the finish line I have deceided to use on of my three websites as a daily update or a How To Guide. Up to this point the steps taken have been as follows - create a plan, find the correct place and correct people to participate in said plan then seek permission to put the plan into place. The Raise a Barn project has proven to be Larger than Life as it draws to a close. The Panther Pavillion is entering the final stages of Construction and the Celebatory Banquet is slated to take place on Sunday March 12th. The event on the 12th will be by invite only as we say a special Thank You for all of the fine folks that gave of themselves in the construction of the facility over the past few weeks and we