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Greetings from a Soggy Rebel Park- Game One is full of Offense

3:08 P.M. - Game 1 has reached the Ninth Inning with Bryant University leading the Dukes of James Madison University by a score of 22-8. The weather is holding steady at 46 degrees, making the Rhode Island based Bulldogs feel right at home. 3:22 P.M - Game 1 is Final Bryant University...306...070...240 - 22/23/1 James Madison U....030...210...110 - 8/13/3 Break before Game 2 - Time to check on the action in Richmond ! ______________________________ 11:00 A.M - Results - Freedom 58, R.E. Lee 33 (Class AA Girls) 1:00 P.M. - Results - Cave Springs 39, Brunswick 33 (Class AA Boys ) _______________________________ 3:36 P.M. - Game 2 has been moved to Sunday. There will now be a Sunday Twin Bill... _______________________________ 3:00 P.M. Results - Region B's George Mason 56, Floyd County 43 (Class A Girls) 5:00 P.M. Results - Radford defeats Region B's Dan River 77-69 (Class A Boys) 7:00 P.M. Results - Loudon County over Turner Ashby (Class AA Girls) 9:00 P.M. Results - Courtlan

This is the spot that would contain State Champ Photos but tonight it was a different type of ceremony !

Our Sabrena and her new Husband Josh Deal ! Rebecca , Sabrena & Mrs. ATV-60 ! ____________________________________________ Friday's 6 Games from the Siegel Center _____________________________________________ 10:30 A.M -*Region B's George Mason 54, Lancaster 49 (G-Semi) 12:15 P.M. - Floyd County 62, Lee High 47 (G-Semi) 2:00 P.M. - *Region B's Buffalo Gap 50, Bland Co. 40 (G-Title) 3:45 P.M. - Colonial Beach 77, Eastern Montgomery 75 (B-Title) 7:00 P.M - Princess Anne 71, Oakton 61 (G-Title) 9:00 P.M. - King's Fork 49, William Fleming 47 (B-Title) ___________________________________________ Saturday @ The Siegel (All games are Title Games) 11:00 A.M. - *Augusta County's R.E Lee vs. Freedom (AA-D3 G) 1:00 P.M. - Brunswick vs. Cave Springs (AA - D3 B) 3:00 P.M. - *Region B's George Mason vs. Floyd County (A D2 G) 5:00 P.M. - *Region B's Dan River vs. Radford (A D2 B) 7:00 P.M. -*Turner Ashby ( Bridgewater ) vs. Loudon County (AA D4 G) 9:00 P.M. - C

Celebration in Swoope ! Coach Coffey & The Lady Bison make it Back to Back !

3:00 P.M. ---16 minutes is all that separates Coach Coffey and the Lady Bison from claiming their second straight Class A DI State Championship! Congrats to Bland County on a fine season ! __________________________________ 3:19 P.M. - Buffalo Gap 35, Bland County 21 3:21 P.M. - Final Quarter - Gap up 37-25 (8 more minutes!) 3:24 P.M. - Under 7 minutes to play -Gap by 18, 43-25 ! 3:30 P.M. - Gap opens up the contest late, lead 47-25 3:34 P.M. - Gap leads 47-29 with 3+ minutes remaining...Now 47-30 under 3:00 left 3:40 P.M. - Final seconds tick of the clock @ The Siegel Center but Bland County makes one final run, trims lead to 47-37. 12 Un-answered points. 3:45 P.M. - Color the World Black & Gold for the day! Gap 50 Bland Co 40 (F) Please check out all the ink at both & !!! 3 Titles in 1+ years - Is Gap the new title town ? ___________________________ Earlier today in Girls D2 Semi-Finals Region B Champion George Maso

A Special Thanks to Mr. Rob Sisk...

On the eve of my oldest daughter's ( Sabrena ) wedding, a fellow Liberty University grad ( Sabrena being the first grad) by the name of Rob Sisk made the day just a little more fun for me. Buffalo Gap tipped off their semi-final contest against Franklin High School at 11:00 A.M. down at the Siegel Center and Rob was looking for a different angle to cover the contest. _____________________ All I had to do was be willing to put my life in the hands of an oh so tired Jim Sacco for the drive down to V.C.U and jot down a few thoughts on the game. Any of you that listen to Jim and I talk about the game for 19+ minutes the day before can only imagine that the hardest part of the assignment would be to limit the piece to under 1,000 words. _____________________ Lucky for Rob I was needing to get down to Liberty for the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner by 5:30. This and this alone saved Rob from having to break the bad news to me that the deadline for the paper was ... well, you

Loose ends from Thursday's Hoops...

This time Jim you can't blame it on my camera- you just look that out of focus. Sacco nearing the end of a very long week but no complaints. Both the Lee Ladies and Gap still to play in State Title games. Something special coming later at The Altavista Pep Band getting warmed up. Mr. Terry R. Sisisky - Voice of V.C.U Rams' Athletics The inside look at the CCD Around The Valley Blog from courtside .

Greetings from New Market's Johnny Appleseeds Quality Inn - Another Day of H.S Hoops & 1 wedding rehersal in the books !

The Around The Valley Express finally made its way back to New Market, Va. after a long and eventful day in the Old Dominion. We will get things started by posting the six final scores from the State Tournament today. All games were State Semi-Finals: Boys Action - ______________________________ * Dan River 57, * Madison County 54 Eastern Montgomery 67, Twin Valley 63 Radford 54, James River 52 Colonial Beach 55, * Altavista 36 _______________________________ Girls Action - _______________________________ * Buffalo Gap 56, Franklin 47 Bland County 56, Narrows 42 * Denotes Region B team _______________________________ 2 more days of Wall-to-Wall action, including 10 title games more semi action !

Live from the Alltel Pavillion @ Siegel Center : Buffalo Gap vs. Franklin- moments away from tip !

Courtney Sanderson scored 6 points in the second quarter! Steve Cox enjoying the action court side . Renee Burford playing "D". Lets Go Bison, Lets Go ! 12:14 P.M. - IN THE BOOKS - Lady Bison 56, Lady Broncos 47 ! Congrats to Franklin High School on a Great Season- Gap returns for 2:00 P.M. game on Friday Scroll to the next post for more pictures. __________________________ 12:13 P.M. - 0:19.7 left - Gap 56-47 __________________________ 12:07 - Angie Harris takes pass from Sanderson and scores plus foul- As the kids say Hoop & Harm with 2:02 left- Time Out 49-43 and free throw coming - Yes - 50 -43 12:04 - Holly Morgan follows a Sanderson miss with a put back and Coach Coffey calls a Time Out with 2:54 left- Gap 45-41 ________________________ High Noon : Gap 39, Franklin 39 (Sara has 4 fouls) 5:47 remaining in 4TH 11:54 A.M. - End 3RD Quarter - Buffalo Gap 39, Franklin 34- Holly Morgan banks in a 3-pointer to push the lead to 5 points. _________________________ 11:47 A.M

Gap advances 56-47 : Lady Bison play Friday @ 2:00 P.M. for State Championship

Renee Burford during the starting introductions Hubert Grimm (R) of the News Leader had Shaun Cox, Chris Lassiter and some cameras in the building. Hubert takes a moment to visit with Dustin before the game. Jeff Wright made the trip to do live remotes for Rebel 95.5 back home. Sara Lamneck on defense. Always hard at work - The cameras of TV-3 in Harrisonburg Renee Burford leading the "D". Part of the Black & Gold Nation. After all is said and done there is still work left for Mr. Stats- Keith Ramsey. Mr. B living large in the Siegel Center Morgan finishes with 18, Lamneck adds 15 while Sanderson tallies 8 points. Total team effort for Coach Coffey and Company. Leading scorer with 18 points but ask about the defensive play Morgan makes with 0:06.7 left in the game and her team up nine! Coach Coffey @ work... A Good Day for Mr. B and the Lady Bison faithful.

Happy Birthday to ESPN's & Fishburne Military Academy's Chip Crabill !

Happy Birthday to my High School Football broadcast partner - Mr. Chip Crabill !

Thursday March 12, 2009 - On the Road Again

6:11 A.M. - The early bird goes in search of the worm, but 6:11 is even earlier when the previous day ended at 3:00. __________________________ 6:35 A.M. - Off to see the wizard- the wizard of Augusta County Media. All of the webcast down at the News Virginian finally pays off as I have earned an invite from Jim Sacco to make the trek down to the Siegel Center for the 11:00 A.M. Buffalo Gap vs. Franklin Class A State Semi-Final. __________________________ 7:10 A.M. - One quick stop in New Market to pick up this weeks edition of the Free Press newspaper. The Free Press is a weekly publication based out of Woodstock, Virginia and is a must read every Thursday morning. This week the paper gives you an inside look at the life of the local high school AD's as Spring Sports start while Winter Sports are still going on. Plus a preview of the upcoming baseball series JMU will be playing at Rebel Park in New Market this week-end. __________________________ 8:02 A.M. - The Wizard doesn&#

More time to talk High School Hoops with Mr. Jim Sacco - Boy does he look worn out!

7:57 P.M. Click Here for the video: Made the drive down to Waynesboro again today to tape another segment with Jim Sacco about the Class A Girls tournament. I must admit that I have spent a fair amount of my life feeling like Jim looked today but he promises me he will survive until the end of the week. ___________________________ We taped a segment on tomorrow's Buffalo Gap vs. Franklin game and if he stays awake long enough he will let me know to add a link. If you see a link above, you will know we are in ! ___________________________ Good News for the town of Bridgewater ! Turner Ashby (Girls) defeated Hidden Valley 57-45 and will now play Loudon County for the State Championship. I am sure the DNR ( ) will have plenty of info up on this big win for the Knights. ___________________________ Salem needed two overtimes to get p

Sixth & Final Game under way at the Siegel Center: Class AA Boys - Courtland vs. Charlottesville

*** Six exciting games with 5 being decided by 7 points or less !!! _____________________________ * Senior tri -captain Lamar Giggets sinks a free throw with two seconds left for 61-60 victory. Courtland advances to the finals. Congrats to Black Knights on their season! _____________________________ *0:21.6 left - Tied at 60-60 ! _____________________________ * 1:53 remaining - Charlottesville 56-55 ! (15-7 run) * Black Knights score 6 straight and now lead 56-54 with 4:00 minutes remaining. _______________________ END 3RD - Courtland leads 49-46 after Black Knights finish with 5-1 run to trim the lead to just 3. ________________________ 3RD Quarter - Duke signee Josh Hairston (6'8) is starting to put on a show but Charlottesville is hanging tough.Lead is 41-37 with 4:00 to play in 3RD. Hairston started slow with just 2 points in opening quarter but now has 19. _______ Half Time - Courtland leads 28-25 ________ End of the 1ST quarter - Courtland leads 18-17 ***** (Thanks

The R.E. Lee Ladies are in Action and both the News Virginiain & the News Leader are there...

Love the coverage these daily papers give their local teams. Lee tipped at 3:00 P.M. and you can follow your crew of choice at on . Jim Sacco tells us that Lee is up 18-12 late in the first. Check the links for more info! Chris Lassiter tells us that Lord Botetourt has rallied to take a 25-20 late in the first half. Grace Blaylock (headed do D-I UNC - Ashville ) has 15 points so far. Blaylock drains another 3, score now 28-26 LB. Mickens ends the half with a nice drive to the glass and R.E Lee leads 30-29 at the break. SECOND HALF : LB breaks a 33-33 tie with 5 quick points, including another 3-ball from Blaylock. Leeman will now need to rally. Mickens must of heard that, she scores the 5 back just as quick. 38 All. ________________________________________ Just as quick LB gets six straight, yes, including another 3-ball from Ms. Blaylock. Lee answers with a basket to trim the lead to 44-40 heading into the fourth quarter.

WVT captures 3 of 4 from Lindsey Wilson, Now 4-4 on season, 3-1 in league play !

After watching our Golden Bears split a twin bill the other day with Lindsey Wilson we found out that WVT swept the second pair the following day. Both games ended with the home team winning by a score of 7-6 with the first game going 8 innings. Congrats to Ness & Andy and the "Sweet 16"... Now back to the R.E Lee hoops...

James Madison University to play 3-game series at New Market's Rebel Park this week-end!

The James Madison University Dukes are set to play a 3-game set with Bryant University (Rhode Island) this week-end at Rebel Park in New Market, Virginia. Bryant is coming off back to back wins over Radford and Virginia Tech earlier this week and should make for a quality opponent for the Dukes. There will be a double header played on Saturday beginning at Noon and there will be a single game played on Sunday at 1:00 P.M. Tickets will be $5.00 both days and the weather for Saturday looks promising!

Our Region B Teams go 5-3 in Quarter-Final Play/ Next Stop Richmond !

8 High School teams earned the right to represent Region B in the State Tournament 9 days ago by making the finals at Eastern Mennonite University. Now five of those eight teams have punched their ticket to the Final Four at the Siegel Center. __________________________________ Lets begin by looking at the 4 Region B on the Girls side: Division 1: __________________________________ Buffalo Gap defeated West Point 55-48 Saturday at J.M.U Next stop for the Lady Bison Express - Thursday 11:00 A.M. Gap will face Region A Champion Franklin. Franklin ended the season of Region B runner-up Altavista 42-30. Congrats to Altavista on reaching the Elite 8! __________________________________ Girls Division 2: George Mason continued to roll with an impressive 57-26 victory over Northumberland . The Lady Mustangs will now play Lancaster Friday morning at 10:30. Lancaster ended the season of Region B runner-up Randolph-Henry 53-30. Congrats to R-H for reaching the Elite 8! ________________________