Saturday, December 20, 2008

Congrats to the Champs from the Old Dominion : Richmond Spiders claim 1ST ever D-IAA Title- 24 -7 over Montana!

Chattanooga- Richmond made it 9 straight wins Friday night and capped off the schools 1ST ever National Championship with the Spiders 24-7 win over Montana. Richmond was 4-3 before starting the streak that saw them claim the crown!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mom, That Sacco fella is at it again... Please check out Jim's work on 12/15

I can't wait until Stonewall Jackson enters the Shenandoah District portion of their schedule! Why, you might ask... Because it will give me a reason to cross paths with our good buddy Jim Sacco. When I last left Jim we were putting the wraps on a really entertaining VB season down in Richmond.

But in our world out of sight does not mean out of mind, so I have been following Jim's work over at the News Virginian most every day. His post on Monday December 15, 2008 is a must read for High School Sports fans. You can check it out at and head to his blog...

Less than 1 week until we celebrate Christmas!

A quick tip of the ATV-60 Cap to UNC's Tyler Hansbrough

It is our tendency to focus on just high school sports and local small colleges but it is not every day that the scoring records at one of the most prestigous schools in NCAA gets broken.
Last night against Evansville, UNC senior Tyler Hansbrough (2,991+) passed Phil Ford (2,290) on the All-Time Tar Heel list. When you stop and think about the players that have worn the powder blue & white...
Congrats Tyler!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Home Town Hero : Winchester's Tommy Dixon

Handley Judges Head Coach Tommy Dixon has been on the sidelines for the Winchester school for 23 years now. While our paths don't cross that often it is always a treat for me to get to visit with someone that has dedicated such a large part of his life to teaching/coaching/ mentoring student athletes.


Wednesday night the Judges were in Woodstock to face the Central Falcons. When you combine Dixon and Falcons Head Coach Roger Wilkins time in the gym together you have nearly half a century of time spent teaching young men and women equal parts basketball & life.

Dixon and his team got the better of Wilkins Wednesday night by a final score of 60-50 and I can promise you this- every player that suited up for the game is better for the opportunity to being mentored by these two gentleman.
I had the chance to ask Coach Dixon for a thought or two about his time with the Handley program...

"I want our kids to do things right, not just on the court but in everything they do in life," Dixon said. "It was the way that I was brought up and it is what I try to impress on our kids."

Well said Coach! Here is to 23 more years!

Hanging out with TK, Dennis, Rebecca & John Galle at Handley-Central

John Galle hard at work...
Rebecca trying to be camera shy
No such problem with Dennis(L) or T.K

Always smiling Mr. Keeler

TK was doing double duty with both the Girls & Boys Games

Fun night to be in the gym on Wednesday night. TK and Ace Camera man Dennis were down from Strasburg covering the game for the Northern Virginia Daily. You can check out TK's gamer at and I am sure that Dennis had the camera clicking away. We enjoy the work that both of the fine people do as well as Mr. John Galle of the Shenandoah Valley Herald.

ATV-60 Camera Lady Rebecca Carter was in the gym as well and I have 245 pictures from the night to prove it. Pics from all 4 games being played in the two gyms...

We will start out with the fun ones of those mentioned here...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Strasburg @ Central - As Intense as it Gets !!!

WOODSTOCK - One of the initial conversations I had with Strasburg's Boys Head Basketball Coach Millson French came on a night when Strasburg (1-4) was facing Shenandoah County rival Central. I was new to the Valley and I asked Coach to share his thoughts on the two schools separated by a few miles of U.S 11.
The answer still makes me smile years later... French stated that the town folk of the two communities would fill the building if there schools were playing checkers against each other.
Monday night it was basketball the two played against each other in a gym that would classify as near-capacity in size but off the charts in noise. The Falcons (4-2) and the Rams were both well represented.By their student bodies and by the communities, the cheers filled the air from the pre-game introductions until moments after the final horn had sounded in Centrals 38-30 victory.
Check out the gamer at ____________

Mickey & Mr. Neal before the tip

Head Coaches Millson French (L), Roger Wilkins (R)

Central Falcons during warm ups

Final Score in the Junior Varsity Game...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lunch with Bill Meade's Pigskin Panel of Prognosticators

STANLEY,VA- We had a great deal of fun this season with our participation in the Page News & Courier's Pigskin Picks and today we celebrated the year with a small banquet. The gathering took place down at the HAWKSBILL DINER which is located in the suburbs of Downtown Stanley.
Randy Arrington is the Editor of the PN & C and hosted the event along with Sports Editor Bill Meade. The two hours were very enjoyable and all that attended would agree that is was a nice way to wrap up the 15 week contest.
During the 15 weeks we posted the games on our site and encouraged folks to play along at home. I wanted to say thank you to Generals Sign Guy Mike for having fun with us by sending in his picks each week and to others that sent them in from time to time. Now that the contest is over we can talk about the competition end for the first time.
The panel consisted of 7 slots made up from people here in Page County, Virginia. There were 6 regular slots and Bill would track down a "Guest" each week to round out the group. The man on the streets if you will. The fun battle to keep up with is the one between Randy & Bill and that one did not disappoint this year.
Randy finished tied for second with 103 points while Bill finished fourth with 102.
The highlight of the afternoon came in the form of getting to visit with Mrs. Nerissa Viafora of Page County High School. Nerissa and her family are a huge part of the Panther family both on the playing fields and the coaches box. Husband Ralph Viafora (Girls Basketball, Softball) is one of the coaches at PCHS and the most recent daughter to graduate was Megan (Class of 2008).
Megan was 1ST team All-Shenandoah District from 2005-2008 and made All-Region B as a senior while playing on the Panthers softball diamond under the guidence of her father & Alan Knight. While I have picked games opposite Nerissa all season, Monday afternoon was my first opportunity to meet this special lady.
Bill tells me that Nerissa will be the one keeping the score book at the Strasburg - Page County Girls Varsity Basketball game tomorrow night and that there is one more Viafora daughter yet the wear the colors of the Panthers. So if you are in the gym down in Shenandoah for the game you will know one more kind Face in the Crowd.
I should also note that Nerissa led the distingushed panel for the first six weeks and held her own throughout the event. One more note - the individual that captured 1ST place donated the $10,000.00 prize back to the PN & C Sports budget! This made Bill Meade smile and at the end of the day isn't that what is all about?
Thanks to Randy for the Hospitality, Thanks to Bill for the invite to join the panel & Thanks to the pair for the chance to have lunch with another Home Town Hero...
The picture above is a snap shot from the pages of the PN & C. The weekly newspaper hits the streets every Wednesday morning!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Luray High School - Bulldogs Basketball 2008-2009

Faces in the Crowd : More from Eastern View High

The TV crew working the half time show
Mr. & Mrs. Nicest Man in Page County

There is no telling who might show up for a Bulldog Hoops game

I would of had something here if these two LHS Coaches had just been sitting a little closer together

So you need some Cyclone Gear ? Great way to support your HS Athletic Department

Next to the concession stand is a built in Cyclone store

Taking the discounted food to the folks late in the game

Bill Meade and Coach after the game
This gentleman covered the game for the Culpepper Star and you can read all about it by clicking over to

Game Summary : Eastern View 59, Luray 47

27 point effort from the Cyclones scoring leader and the points came without a single forced shot. One of the 3-pointers came from about five feet from behind the line.
Score at the end of the 1ST quarter of play. The Bulldogs fell behind by double digits before rallying back to cut the lead to 3 points.

LHS took the lead during the 2ND quarter but the Cyclones regained it by the half.

Cyclones began to pull away for a second time late in the third quarter

Luray closed the night on an 8-0 run but could not prevent Eastern View from claiming the 12 point victory...