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All Roads Lead to Ferrum College

When the 2022-2023 College Football season offically started back in late August the goal was to attend the maximum number of games that a Power 5 Conference team could play. Twelve is the number of regular season games plus one if you make your Conference Championship Game and then two more if you were lucky enough to make the playoffs and then win your semi-final contest. The two teams playing for the FBS Championship should be playing in their 15th game of the season. Getting to 15 games didn't seem to be all that great of a challenge for a serious College Football fan so a need for tweaks were needed. The first one was easy enough by simply stating that it needed to be 15 different schools acting as the Home Team. Toss in that the games should be played in as many different States as possible and that the level of competition be as varied as possible to complete the challenge. It's always fun to create challenges of your own and then make it as fun to compl