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Monday October 4TH - One more newspaper merger

On Monday October 4, 2010 the next addition to the growing list of products took place. In the final steps of eliminating the use of their own carrier force USA-Today made a deal with the Washington Post for Agency #8514 to become responsible for all three of their products in the majority of Shenandoah County. There is no current service for the products in Page County. ___________________________ USA-Today, Sports Weekly and the Sports Special magazine were added to the delivery lists from Mount Jackson up to Strasburg . You can check out some of the previous postings for more information on the availability of all three products. ___________________________ Each time that there is a tap on the shoulder and more work is issued there is a slight moan but only slight because the choice of taking on more work versus losing what you have is not that difficult when you stop and think about it!

April 19, 2010 - New Product - The Capitol Business Magazine

04/19/2010 - The Washington Post produced the initial copy of its weekly business magazine today with high hopes of success. Capitol Business will be printed each and every Monday and made available in all 7-Day service areas to home delivery customers. ____________________________________________ .

The change date for WP Agency #8511 - 2/15/10

Mr. Fred Haddad provided a high level of service for the Washington Post in northern Shenandoah County for well over two decades. That incredibly successful run ended with the Sunday Post delivery back on February 14TH, 2010. ______________________________ In a continued effort to cost costs in the outer market the Post dissolved Fred's agency on that day and moved the folks in Strasburg , Woodstock, Toms Brook and surrounding communities over to Agency #8514 which is based out of Luray , Virginia. ______________________________ There was very little fanfare on the date of the change as most of the Shenandoah Valley was trying to dig out of one of the worst winters in recent history. Both Fred and his lovely wife Theresa stayed on to help out with the Sunday product each week as they continue to provide wonderful service to their former customers. ______________________________ The removal of Agency #8511 was followed by a smaller move in October which the USA-T

The change date for WP Agency #8515 - December 22,2008

The customers in southern Shenandoah County (New Market, Mount Jackson, Quicksburg , Edinburg and Bayse received their Washington Post from Robert Ward and his family for as long as most folks can remember. It takes a special type of individual to give over 40 years of their live to a job and that is exactly what Mr.Ward did along with a number of his family members. __________________________________ Even following the passing of Mr.Ward the agency continued forward under the guidance of his wife Mrs. Debbie Ward with some assistance from his daughter Tammy and son-in-law Scott and family friend Dennis. But this changed back on Sunday December 21,2008 when the Washington Post made a cost cutting move and eliminated Agency #8515. __________________________________ The Post moved the customer base over to Agency #8514 in Luray , Virginia and the entire delivery crew was able to stay on board in the beginning but over the following months only Deb remained on board with

In the beginning - Agency #8514 & #8514-SXO (August 7, 2006)

Both Mr.Gary and Mrs.Ann Ward roamed the streets of Page County every day for over 30 years while providing service to the Washington Post customers here. Gary was the Agent responsible for Luray and Ann was contracted for the outer/Sunday area in Stanley and Shenandoah. ___________________________ My son Christopher and I were blessed to be the ones out running some of the fringe products in Page County on the morning that Gary realized that 32 years was long enough of the 7 Day grind that has WP delivery people out there 365 days a year. Both of the Wards were overly kind during the 30 day window we spent together in training and on the morning of August 7, 2006 we became the folks responsible for Agency 8514. ____________________________ The first of a series of mergers occurred on that same day when the 8514- SXO agency that belonged to Ann was eliminated and the two agencies became one. Sadly for us on the same day the Washington Post raised the pric