Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stonewall Girls open District play with 57-43 win @ Riverheads

Stonewall Head Coach Jeff Burner and his Generals improved to 6-4, 1-0 on the year with an impressive win at Riverheads Friday night. Meghan Lutz followed up her aggressive effort against Strasburg by leading SJHS in scoring 17 points.
The good folks over at have their gamer up more more details. Congrats to the Generals.

Friday, January 9, 2009

History in the Making : Join us on June 5TH @ Kate Collins for the debut of the Rockbridge Rapids

WAYNESBORO - Every time an expansion team plays their first game a truck load of baseball history is made. The new team will try and collect their first hit, first stolen base, initial Strike Out.
That will be the case when the Rockbridge Rapids invade Waynesboro for a 7:00 P.M. start time on Friday June 5TH. You will want to be @ Kate Collins to see the 2009 version of the Waynesboro Generals as well all types of franchise firsts.
We promise to be gracious hosts to our new neighbors to the South with just two exceptions. We will try our best to make sure that the celebration of their initial victory and initial Home Run both get postponed until Saturday June 6TH when they host our Augusta County cousins from Staunton.
That's not too much to ask is it?

Just 21 weeks until Opening Night!

This Just In : Jim Critzer to step away from his Generals

WAYNESBORO - Now that I have read it in both Augusta County daily newspapers (The News Virginian & The News Leader), I guess it must be true. Mr. Jim Critzer is stepping down from his role as sole owner of the Valley Baseball League after a 10 year run that saw the Generals capture three straight Southern Division Championships & 1 VBL crown (2007).
Critzer was as familiar of a face to a franchise as any of the 12 current teams in the league. Some of the things that made Critzer stand out was his ability to do things his way and his way only. The game of baseball was just that to Critzer, a game, a game that included a bat, a ball and a glove.
Any money that owning the Generals might have generated over the past decade Critzer simply put back in to the facilities at Kate Collins Middle School. KC serves as a home to both the Generals and Critzer's other love, the Waynesboro Little Giants. My first opportunity to visit with Critzer came after his Generals defeated Luray in the VBL finals back in 2007. I had been calling the game for the web cast as well as writing a story for the Page News & Courier.
I went to interview Critzer for the first time and he had a look in his eye as he clinched the trophy his team had just one. The talk was about how his older brother had played for the Generals years ago and about how much it meant to him to have the chance to own his home town team.
The two of us spent the summer of 2008 getting to know more about each other. Critzer would be the first to admit he was trying to figure out what was the angle behind my attempt to promote the VBL through Around The Valley in 60 Days. My time was spent trying to grasp the one of a kind feel that was in the air at Kate Collins for every home game.
It was about half way through the season that Critzer finally conceded that maybe I wasn't trying to sell time share membership but that I simply wanted to just try and make a difference for the league. About the same time I figured out Jim's secret- he simply built a support staff that loved his ball club as much as he does.
Two weeks from tonight Jim Critzer will attend what should be his final VBL Owners meeting. There should be a celebration held in honor of the man and his efforts over the past decade. Not sure if Jim will get a Gold Watch or not but this I do know- he will get a tip of the cap from me for creating a magical baseball place where a game is still just a game.
For Critzer to remove himself from a ball club that meant so much to him, he would have to find someone that shared his vision of the game. Critzer will tell you that he has done just that and it is the reason he can step away from his club knowing the foundation he built will stay in place.
I only wish that I had the same faith/confidence in his choices for the people to take Waynesboro forward in the manner he wants it go. But then again, I/we owe it to him to try our best to make this happen. He already showed me the blue print - just surround yourself with people smarter than yourself and don't get in their way!
Speaking on behalf of the VBL and the fans of the Waynesboro Generals - Thanks Jim for a job well done!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rebel Park to NCAA National Champion ! Rebels Riley Cooper and his Gators - Gate r done!

11:47 P.M - National Champions ! Kudos to Riley Cooper and his mates
11:31 P.M.- Gators up 10 after Tebow hits Nelson with 4 yard TD pass (3:07-4TH)
11:26 P.M.- Tebow to Cooper across the middle for 17 yards on key 3RD & 12 !
11:14 P.M.- Gators kick 28 yard FG - Lead 17-14
11:09 P.M.- Cooper's down field block springs Percy Harmon for a 52 yard run
10:58 P.M. - 3RD quarter in the books - Florida 14-7 - Cooper 1 catch for 11 yards
9:48 P.M. - Anyone that had 7-7 for a half time score...
Earlier : Florida broke the 0-0 tie with a TD pass from Tim Tebow early in the second quarter. Louis Murphy was on the receiving end of the pass but "our" VBLer Riley Cooper was out there and quick to congratulate Murphy.

In a game that I would have minimal interest in otherwise I can't help but pull for New Market Rebel/Florida Gator Riley Cooper. I here his room mate has some game as well - that would be Tebow.

An Evening surronded by some pretty smart folks (that happen to be pretty cool too)

Jim Critzer's 2007 VBL Championship banner

Bill Meade of the Page News & Courier and John Leonard
of All Things Valley League trading stories.

The retirement story published by The News Leader
when Jim announced his retirement from High School

John listening to stories about the history of the
Waynesboro Generals.

Rob Sisk (L) and Jim Sacco (R) interviewing
Critzer Wednesday night.

WAYNESBORO - Took a evening away from the area High School sports scene to catch up with a group of people down at Jim Critzer's place last night. Mr. Critzer is the owner of the VBL team in Waynesboro as well as the recently retired Head Coach of the Waynesboro Little Giants.
The amount of sports related things that Critzer has accomplished down in Augusta County is something to marvel. The amount of improvements that have occurred at Kate Collins Middle School over the past few seasons have are just some of the most recent results from Jim's efforts to give back to his community.
Last night gave me an opportunity to trade stories one more time with Rob Sisk and Jim Sacco from The News Virginian, Bill Meade of the Page News & Courier and John Leonard from All Things Valley League. I felt 20 or so IQ points smarter by just being in the room with this group.

Bill was able to sneak in a story about the efforts of Luray grad Jenny Logan. The talented guard is in her freshman season at Bridgewater College. Logan scored 18 points and collected 7 rebounds in just 22 minutes of action against Randolph College. She added 3 steals and 3 assists to the stat sheet for the evening!
This had Bill fired up enough that he was heading to the gym himself to lace up the sneakers once our visit was done. Bill was kind enough to spring for dinner before heading off for his big game. Speaking of big games for Bill, the next two nights Bill will be in the gym covering a Page County-Luray hoops contest. Thursday night the Girls play @ Luray and Friday night the Boys play @ Page.

While I wasn't in a gym last night I can tell you that Roger Wilkins and his Central Falcons were tripped up last night by Sherando up in Stevens City by a final score of 59-44. Also saw where Strasburg opened Bull Run play with a 50-42 over the Lady Eagles of Clarke County.
Stonewall Jackson Girls Coach Jeff Burner will be looking to reschedule their game at Eastern Mennonite. The teams were set to play on Tuesday night but the game was postponned due to the threat of weather. The Strasburg Boys will try and reschedule their game @ Manassas Park as well.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You can tell Rebecca is still home from UVA - much cooler looks inside Strasburg @ Page County

A scary moment for Strasburg
But Jacyln was able to return to the game

Another Great Night of Visiting with Area Coaches - Tons of new Baseball & Football stories from Around Our Valley

Coach Comer visiting with the trio from Stonewall Jackson that included Jason Lutz and Jeff Burner.
Sitting on the front row are Frank & Bobbi Comer. Coach Comer is in charge of the football program @ PCHS.
This distinguished looking gentleman went on the record as an Un-Named source. I am pretty sure that all of those with ties to Page County will know this Panther!
Always smiling PCHS Head Coach Alan Knight
Before last night I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting Panther Football Head Coach
Frank Comer. Last night changed all of that and in a big way! Sometimes I will try and sneak a story in quick with a note or two but this one warrants more than that. Check back for some stories that include Derek McDaniel, Wayne Comer and the Tigers, Jason Lutz and many, many more

Monday, January 5, 2009

A glance inside the H.S standings - with a little help from the NVD

Thru Saturday night games:

Heading into District play in the Bull Run & Shenandoah...
Bull Run Boys:
Madison County 0-0 10-0
Manassas Park 0-0 3-2
Strasburg 0-0 5-6
George Mason 0-0 2-5
Clarke County 0-0 2-6

Bull Run Girls
Strasburg 0-0 8-2
George Mason 0-0 6-2
Clarke County 0-0 6-4
Manassas Park 0-0 2-3
Madison County 0-0 1-8

Shenandoah Girls
Buffalo Gap 0-0 6-1
Wilson Memorial 0-0 7-2
Page County 0-0 5-2
Stonewall Jackson 0-0 5-4
Luray 0-0 3-6
Riverheads 0-0 3-7

Shenandoah Boys
Buffalo Gap 0-0 8-1
Wilson Memorial 0-0 6-5
Page County 0-0 4-3
Riverheads 0-0 3-6
Luray 0-0 2-6
Stonewall Jackson 0-0 0-7
From the Northwestern District :
Central (Woodstock) High School Boys 3-1/7-3 (3RD)
Central (Woodstock) High School Girls 2-2/3-6 (T-5TH)
Monday night down in Shenandoah, Va. :
Make-up game between Strasburg and Page County Girls

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some pics from Varsity Boys action : Generals @ Rams

Coach Stout giving instructions to Derrick Turner

Strasburg's Kaleb McKelvey

Coach Mathias showing off her 6-week old nephew Cayden Andrew
Never to early to teach them about wearing Purple!

Mr. D always showing his support for the Rams
Andrew Thayer working the lens for the Northern Virginia Daily

Kyle Wilson looking to get the ball to Phillip Hovater inside

Nicholas Trent looking for rebound posistion

Sophomore Michael Reynolds at the Free Throw Line

Final Score for the contest...

Score at the end of the 1ST Half

A blurry version of the search for the Birthday Girl after a chorus of Happy Birthday was heard in the gym.
Check out the form at the Line
Looking for a soft kiss of the glass

The back-up refs or creative Rams fans?
Coach Stout leading her Generals from the sidelines

Coach French doing the same for his Rams

The crew from the NVD- Andrew on the left and the young man on the right is Dennis Atwood. You can check out his gamer later at
Sonya Graham working the baseline for Artwork to appear inside the Free Press!

The Generals in the huddle during a time out