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Thoughts from an old Guy that has watched too much of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom

      Good Evening All,                      After returning from watching the Carroll County High School Cavilers host Auburn High School and Martinsville High School in a football scrimmage I felt it was the right time to type out a few words on the objective of                     I truly believe that there are enough Good People left out there that want the place they live in to be a Better Place but aren't sure they can make a difference. While it might be a Pie in the Sky mindset but I believe that if you can start something that can eventually lead to change. The road will be full of challenges but I'm in it for the long haul !                     Wake up tomorrow and ask yourself one question - what can I do to make my little corner of the World a better place ?

2022 is the year for rolling out!

               Greetings All !                             While we await the completion of the new website for it seemed like a good time to dust off both of the original websites that have been around for roughly 15 years. It's an exciting time around here as the ball is rolling now.                             More news to follow soon!