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TV Books make Sunday April 3RD a long morning.

About 20% of the way in to the process the morning this past Sunday we noticed that some of the inserts for the newspaper were feeling lighter than others. A quick examination showed us that a large number of them were missing the TV Book. ______________________________________ We try our best every week to verify that the package contains the TV Book but this week a "Cover Ad" was sold to the good folks at Mattress Warehouse. This Ad is given the outside cover of the package which in turn blocks our view of the TV Book. ______________________________________ The next eight hours were spent trying to swap out as many of the "Lite" inserts and we were able to correct over 200 of what we think was about 250 to 300. We then posted a message on the office phone about the situation and ordered some replacement books for redelivery on Monday morning. ______________________________________ It is our hope that everyone ended up with their TV Book and that this glitch will