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Today's Question - Washington Post News Tubes

A large number of our customer bases receives their newspaper in a Washington Post tube. The purpose of the tube is to try and protect the paper from the elements as much as possible. For those of you that do not currently have a tube and would like one at your home here is a few things you should know. __________________________________ * There is no cost to the customer for the tube. * In most cases we can have a tube installed inside of a week. * If the tube becomes worn out or damaged we can replace it. *If there is a change in your subscription we can remove the tube per your request. ___________________________________ Hope everyone was able to enjoy their Thanksgiving !

The Thanksgiving Day Newspaper...The Inside Scoop

Each year the Washington Post publishes a Special Edition of the newspaper on Thanksgiving Day. The goal is to get everyone for Black Friday, especially the ones that are brave enough to hit the stores before the Sun rises. ___________________________________ The product is the largest Daily newspaper of the year and requires assembly that is a challenge for us and then comes the special delivery instructions. Step 1-Take the papers to the local stores with a retail price of $2.50 in the outer market. Step 2-Deliver a copy of the newspaper to all of the 7-Day customers that would be expecting their typical Thursday newspaper. There is no extra charge for the Home Delivery customers. Step 3- Take a free copy to each and everyone of the Sunday Only customers. Both the set that fall inside of the daily boundaries and the folks that reside in the far reaches of our beautiful Valley. ____________________________________ We have learned that some of the four previous Distributors had not be