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A General Update from GeneralsSignGuyMike

Wear General White or Red Night for GAME 1 of the VLB Playoffs Its the last weekend of the regular season and wow what a regular season it has been. I have told alot of you dieheard Generals fans that come to this great site to wear General Red for the 1st game of the 1st round of the playoffs, now most of us or all of the Generals fans should have a 2008 Southern Division Champions shirt. Now this coming Tuesday unless it rains or a tiebreaker has to be played then its moved to Wednesday I ask for everyone to wear General RED or General WHITE. This is the 3rd straight year the Generals have made the VLB playoffs and also have either won the Southern Division (2006,2008) and overall regular season title (2007). Before 2006, the Generals won division titles in 1982,1988,1996. Don't forget Generals fans wear White or Red for Game 1. GO GENERALS! Now that I have finished the passport, I've now seen every park and officially have seen each team at least twice so I will give my all-

Recap of Tonight's Games from the Generals Sportsdesk

A late-night update. ...coming to you from the desk of GeneralsSignGuyMike In Harrisonburg where Jerry and Rebecca Carter sat watching, the New Market Rebels kept their playoff chances alive with a 3-1 victory over the Harrisonburg Turks. The Rebels (15-27) will be at home to face the Turks (17-25) on Sunday. In the doubleheader in Fauquier, the Gators won the 1st game 5-0 over the Luray Wranglers. Fauquier scored three runs in the 2nd and didn't look back to win game 1. Luray won game 2 by a score of 2-1. The Wranglers got back to back runs in the 4th and 5th innings after the Gators took a 1-0 early. The win in game 2 was big for Luray as they clinched the Northern division title. Luray Wranglers are now (30-12) and hold a 1 game lead for the #1 spot over Waynesboro (29-13). The Wranglers are at home Sunday to face the Woodstock River Bandits (14-28). The Gators (26-16) will be at Haymarket (17-25) at 6 on Sunday. In Covington, the Lumberjacks defeated the Staunton Braves 14-3. C

Night #57- Excitement @ Every Turn: Rebels keep fighting, John Leonard's VLB Awards list (He welcomes your thoughts),Luray claims North,Teresa'sTurks

Just walked back in from a great night @ Memorial Stadium and I only have 1 hour before I have to head out to start the Sunday papers. Let's go quick: __________________________________________________________ Thanks to Generals Sign Guy Mike- Mike kept me posted all day with scores and updates, including a posting Rebecca will put up shortly. He just let me know a few minutes ago that they are in the fourth inning up at the Bing (10:50 PM). Haymarket @ Front Royal was delayed by the weather but they are now playing ball. __________________________________________________________ John Leonard @ ALL THINGS VALLEY LEAGUE has posted his list for possible MVP and Pitchers of the year. I think they should re-name the pitcher of the year award and call it the Greg Maddux award. John has compiled a great list and welcomes your feedback over at his sight . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- L

A final thanks to a pair of very special folks- Tony Mowat and Dallas Alkire

It didn't really hit me until I heard the guys use their trade mark line- "We had them all the way"- that I had possibly spent my last night in the Crows Nest with the two people that get credit for my ties to the Valley Baseball League. I had interviewed and covered one game with NVD Sports Editor at the time, Mike Petre and he had sent me down to a place called Rebel Park to cover a team called the New Market Rebels. I had just recently moved to the Valley and answered an ad in the Northern Virginia Daily sports section about being a stringer. It was the summer of 2006 and it happened during the stretch of the season where games were rained out something like 8 straight nights. I was beginning to wonder if Petre had changed his mind about using my writing talents and was just making up all of the postponements . The sun finally returned and he sent me down to Rebel Park for a game. I knew very little about the league and even less about the Rebels. I knew they had a

Pics from Friday July 25TH- 2008 @ New Market

The Legend of the Valley- Mo Weber Melissa and Noah Dodge (ATV Loopsters ) Austin Gisriel was back in town... Do I smell more of his great writing coming our way? Game action from Covington @ New Market Dallas Alkire & Tony Mowat up in the Crows Nest We had some fun trying to identify this one light that hovered over the town all night The 7TH inning stretch Busy work space up in the crows nest ! Another New Market Loopster - Kay Helsey Bruce and Austin share a moment after the contest

Pics from the Day Game of our Twin Bill- Day #56 @ Winchester

Skipper John Lowery Jr. running infield practice The Turks doing the same Mrs. Turks heading back to her group of fans Mr. Ken - Web Master for the Royals Mr. Jim Shipp Skipper Bob Wease and his first mate Mark Klosinski The Royals players having fun looking at Ken's team photo( Teresa working our camera) These guys were killing me with their descriptions of how they looked (Teresa) John and Betty leading up to the big moment (Teresa) Time for the National Anthem (Teresa) Priceless ! (Teresa) We couldn't of done it without John ! (Teresa) Group pic with this special lady ! (Teresa) So, to thank her for all of her help with our camera, I thank her by taking a photo of her trying to eat lunch. That is Lisa to her left and Mr. Precise to her right. Mr. & Mrs. Precise there to cheer on their son and all of his team mates Pitching duel early on After her big day started in the ticket booth, Betty was selling 50-50 tickets With a little help from Chris Rigo Ken enjoying the gam