Here a Turk Fan, There a Turk Fan, Everywhere a Turk Fan! ATV-60 Loopsters All-Around at Twin Bill !

I made the trek over to sit with the TURK nation at the hard to be played Fauquier- Harrisonburg double header last night. How hard ? Fauquier had made 4 attempts to play at Memorial Stadium and yet no games completed.

The two teams started playing a game Sunday night but only made it to the 3RD inning after a
light tower failed out in center field. A number of electricians worked the better part of the night until there was no hope of still playing baseball. The answer was a double header on Monday with the completion of the Sunday game resuming at 6:00 PM and then the 3 TIME RAIN GAME would start at 8:30 PM. Magical #4 ?

By the time I arrived at Memorial Stadium the list Teresa was working on had grown to 18 Loopsters- 4 already across the Finish Line and 14 waiting for the trip on Wednesday up to Winchester. The number of finishers should be in the 40's and I can't tell you how exciting that is to me/us here at the home base!

Not only did we sit engulfed in Turk Loopsters but we also were sitting with Mr. & Mrs. Parker who were in town to see their son Garrett pitch the nightcap. Wayne and Joanne live just outside of Dallas (Duncanville,Tx.) and Garrett pitches at Oklahoma City University. Got to sit with the VBL board for a few minutes and 4 innings spent with Teresa as well. Matt Wease was up in the broadcast booth with Dave during the opener and looked to be having fun.

I will give a quick update on the playoff picture and then split off- half to fun pics and half to a gamer recap of the night. I need to add that a met another very kind lady as I was saying good night to Teresa- Mrs. Precise from Geneva, Alabama. Her son (Michael) plays for the Turks and she made the night even more memorable by telling me how much she enjoys the site!

Split from here after the new standings:

In- Luray, Fauquier, Winchester (North)
In- Staunton, Covington, Waynesboro (South)

Final 5 - Two Advance:

Harrisonburg 15-23 (-8) 6 to play
Haymarket 15-23 (-8) 6 to play

Woodstock 14-24 (-10) 6 to play 1 game out
New Market 13-25 (-12) 6 to play 2 games out
Front Royal 12-26 (-14) 6 to play 3 games out

Tuesday Match-Ups:
Luray @ Covington
Harrisonburg @ Front Royal
New Market @ Staunton
Haymarket @ Waynesboro
Winchester @ Woodstock

Off- Fauquier Gators

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