Harrisonburg and Fauquier: Let's (FINALLY) Play Ball!

Teresa holding up a copy of the DNR from today
Some game pics
Skipper Bob Wease watching his troops
The Gators waiting for action
Yes- we can finally play baseball !
Matt in the booth with Dave
The Turks Bullpen
The Gator pen down the left field line
Turks pitcher Chris Chapman getting iced after his game 1 effort
Check out the bat on this one
The Commish (L) and Todd Thompson
Kevin Warner on your left taking in some of the action
Dave, Todd and Kevin
Just some of the Turk Loopsters !
Ms. Barbara Black and Mrs. Linda Keen
She is going to see that!
She still looks guilty !
TV-3's Damon Dillman and a long time Turk supporter.
Dave Mann at the plate
Landon Camp following his 7TH bomb of the season
High 5's for young Mr. Camp
Another shot of the Turk Loopsters
Left to right- Kenny Crider, Joanne Parker, Wayne Parker and Lisa Klosinski
There when it started and stayed until it was over
Still enthusiastic this late into the night - that's dedication!
Damon would appear to be deep in thought !
One for the Ages ! Could you find two more dedicated baseball fans?
Mrs. Turks visiting with Mrs. ATV-60
Another group shot
Great seats- are they pricey ?
Now that is the Damon we are used to seeing.
$1,000.00 Prize- I wanna try!
The Gators near a long day of baseball
More group shots.
The Crider Family- Kenny and Cathy with Autumn, Trevor and Lincoln- ALL LOOPSTERS!
Mark Brooks (Woodham) at the plate
Jon Luke Jacobs (Auburn) on the hill
Can we stay and play 3 ?
More Mark Brooks
The wall next to the gift shop
Wayne and Joanne Parker- Godspeed on your trip home tomorrow!
Greg DeSantis (Long Island)
A father and son moment for the Parker's
Mom and daughter- scary look on the little ones face?
Kenny was taking a pic of Garrett and Wayne so I asked if he would turn around and join them.
Garrett all iced up and chilling in the pen.
More little leaguers!
This group waiting for autographs
A more than willing Turk makes the youngsters day!
Notes/roster/and such from game #2
The night cap went 7 innings- game 1 went the distance because it had already started.

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