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Live Action from WVT : 12:06 P.M. - The 1ST Pitch of the Lawrence Nesselrodt area @ WV Tech - Yes, that is former General Pete Vandenbout on the Hill

It's official ! The Golden Bears are under way against Bluefield . ___________________________________________ Temp @ 1ST Pitch - Balmy 47 degrees... ___________________________________________ 12:38 P.M. - Top of the third inning- scoreless tie. ___________________________________________ 12 :51 P.M. - End of three innings with Bluefield leading 1-0 after a RBI single followed an infield hit and stolen base. ____________________________________________ Vandenbout escapes a jam in the top of the fourth with a great defensive play on a shot back to the box with runners on second and third. Finishes the escape with a strike out- still trailing 1-0 @ 1:05 P.M. ______________________________________________ 1:07 P.M. -The first Golden Bear hit is in the books as Gerardo Hernandez lines a sharp single to right field in the bottom of the fourth. Hernandez then adds 1ST stolen base! __________________________________________________ Vandenbout is finshed after 4 innings with a pitch

Hanging Out with Lawrence and his Golden Bears on the eve of Opening Day

Skip going over final notes with his staff as Midnite approaches. The young man on the left is Student Assistant Danny Flores. Flores is a native of Miami, Fl. " Da Bear" One of the coolest Business Card holders that I have seen After practice is over and the field is lined, Skip finally gets to make the 10 mile drive back to his office on campus.Opening Day is now just minutes away! Final thoughts being shared with the kids at the end of practice. The group, while small in numbers, appear to be ready to get the season started. Center Field at the Stadium which is located down the road in East Bank, WV. The Press Box and facilities at the Golden Bear park. Trying to catch the view of the Astro -Turf infield. Pretty impressive stuff! Spongy is the word to best describe it. The scoreboard at Douglas M. Epling Field The view from the back balcony at nearby Hawks Nest State Park located in Anstead . Pretty special part of the State. Very Easy on the Eyes. "The Bridg

Celebration Night : Stonewall seniors make it 4 Straight/Burner earns win #200 just ahead of 40TH Birthday

Meghan Lutz , Coach Burner, Molly Beall & Assistant Coach Jason Lutz Bobby Burner visits with Jessica & Molly after the game. Jessica "Bull" Richardson and the Burners One of the most distinguished looking group of administrators you could hope to meet. Still smiling near the end of another typical 16 hour day! Molly & Bull with their Roses. Molly, Jessica, Coach & Brittany Smith The NVD's Dennis Atwood and Coach. Check out the gamer at . Coach Burner, Jason Lutz , Emily Crider & Bobby Burner after the game. A Trio of Coaches with 1,000 total wins within sight. Legendary Central Coach Jerry Walters (Jeff's Walters Dad), current Central Head Coach Roger Wilkins and Burner. Molly and Ms. Lutz enjoying the moment Quite a pair of High School Leaders! The Stonewall Seniors kissing the horse after clinching their 4TH straight Shenandoah District Championship Sonya was in the gym taking pics for the Free Press. Check them ou

7 Quality Minutes with Jim Sacco of the News Virginian & The Sports Desk

Jim Sacco was kind enough to invite me down to chat about the Waynesboro Generals. We spent 7 minutes discussing a number of topics. If you click on the link below you can watch the video. Thanks to Jim!

Stonewall's Meghan Lutz sinks "THE SHOT"

Meghan Lutz with her Parents and Grand Parents after the 42-40 win ______________________________________________________ I was sitting in the gym at Stonewall Jackson two seasons ago when their 5'6 guard Meghan Lutz fell hard to the floor. Stonewall was hosting Page County that night and you could tell that the sophomore was injured on the play. We wouldn't find out just how serious until X-Rays revealed the damage done to her right knee. I live in a world where the Glass is ALWAYS at least half full and I tend to pull for the underdog whenever I can. Lutz would now be a poster child for me as this remarkable young lady (All of what must be 80 pounds) would be forced to battle back from an career threatening injury. __________________________________________________ Head Coach Jeff Burner and his assistant Jason Lutz don't give "Gracie" a great deal of slack. Older brothers and Head Coaches that are like family tend to be the way. When asked why Burner call

A few fun pics of Buffalo Gap @ Stonewall - A game for the Ages!

Coach Burner discussing the outcome of the game with a familiar face from the Northern Virginia Daily. Check out the gamer later at . John Galle asking Meghan Lutz about the game winning play. The scoreboard after Lutz's shot dropped thru the net. TV-3 personality Damon D. was in the gym for the conclusion of the game. My camera taking a pic of John Galle's camera after the basket! Galle was next in line to interview Burner. Check out his work this Friday in the Shenandoah Valley Herald. Shaun Cox was in the gym for the News Leader and his gamer will appear at . Gap Head Coach Chad Coffey and Stats Guru Keith Ramsey sharing a moment after the game. While I haven't spent a great deal of time with Coach Coffey I have a great deal of respect for the way he runs his program and represents his school. You have seen the TV guy, so now here is a look at the radio crew. Randy and Craig discuss the dramatic end of the contest in the post