A Look inside of Team Waynesboro : Caretakers for the Waynesboro Generals


Anonymous said…
Was looking forward to reading an informative article on the Generals but there was no article posted. Post on Mr. Carter .... you've got us hanging on your every word :)
Anonymous said…
Jerry Carter I can not believe you. I know that was not going to be your first story about an inside look of the Generals. I was truly looking forward to hearing about how things were going for yall and then you come up with babbling about me. I told you not to embarrasss me or I'll hide in the parking lot. It's so sweet and an amazing honor but I'm definitely not the one that deserves the recognition nor the person that your Generals fans want to hear about! I hope things are falling into place for you and John. Hopefully you're getting good support from the Waynesboro community, fans, and businesses. Let me know if I can be of any help to yall. Now ... let me hear about the "Inside of Team Waynesboro".

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