Saturday, January 24, 2009

Head over to John's sight & check out his "Coming Out" party

Time to go and deal with the Post papers for the next bit but if you are in the market for some Generals news click over to John's sight at .
When I get back I have an amazing story to tell about a "Basketball Miracle" that took place earlier today

Friday, January 23, 2009

16 straight hours of work then... Nope the answer isn't rest it is Luray @ Stonewall Jackson (Boys)

The kids from Central played Thursday so that were looking for some Friday night hoops to watch.
Wil Logan against the zone press - Hovatter and Biller

Coach Stout and Davey Scott discussing strategy

Ms. Jenny Logan trying to hide behind the Falcons

Coach Stout leading her team
Mr. Ryan Carroll - Assistant B-Ball Coach
Luray during a time out

Gotta Love it !

SJHS Cheer Squad
Our good Buddy John Galle of the SVH

The Generals getting fired up before the tip
The chest bump !
Stonewall's starting five

The Bulldogs getting busy

Left to right - Nick Miller, Garret Wilson & Monty Dickson
Coach Stout motivating her troops
You know what is happening next ?
The final score of the Junior Varsity game.
Once again I was there helping out Mr. Chuck McGill at the NVD so if you want to read a gamer later you can check it out at

Open for Business : The VBL's Waynesboro Generals - Where do we start?

Friday January 23RD, 2009 - The red letter day in the current regime responsible for the Valley Baseball League's Waynesboro Generals. What is the first thing on the list to do?
How about starting a to do list! John has already got one started for me to work on but I am running out of paper.
Thank God that Shirley is in Waynesboro holding down the fort.
I wanted to take a minute or two and start the process of listing our line up for upcoming season. Great group of folks that have serious thoughts about making baseball fun at Kate Collins Field in the Summer of 2009.
Lawrence will be responsible for the team that will lace up the spikes and actually play baseball as well as put together our coaching staff. If it happens inside the fence, it will have the stamp of Coach all over it. Pictures include John Leonard and Lawrence talking after a game last summer and then John himself...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It is in the books : We have ourselves a Baseball Team : Welcome to the Waynesboro Generals

HARRISONBURG- The VBL voted tonight on the new ownership group that is taking over the Waynesboro Generals. Now it is time to move forward with our game plan to try and take the efforts of Jim Critzer to the next level.

The vote went 11-0 and now it is time to get busy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Helping out a friend & watching some quality hoops at the same time- Dateline: Quicksburg, Va.

Coach sharing a thought with one of the Green Hornets
One of my favorite parts of the night. Win or lose the game, ended the contest on a good note

Freshman center Dinah Jones at the free throw line. Jones figures to score a few points over the next 3+ seasons for Wilson Memorial.

Brittany Smith, Ashlie Clar and Whitney Wilkins waiting to check in the game.

The Generals rally around to hear Burner's instructions

Stonewall Coach Burner and Assistant Coach Jason Lutz working the sidelines.

Wilson cut it to 7 just before the half but a jumper from Cassie Conley pushed the lead back to 9.

All three coaches from Central were in the building to cheer on Roger's daughter Whitney and her team. Good to see that Stephanie, Roger & Mickey all found their way home from Kettle Run last night.

Looks like some type of math project

Coach leading her Green Hornets

Jessica Richardson and freshman Dinah Jones

The Stonewall Cheer Squad performing

790-AM was in the Gym broadcasting the game. Craig & Randy were handling the play by play & color. Craig will get the treat of doing the web-cast for the VBL All-Star game this year in Woodstock.


A few less pics tonight as I was helping out a Friend of the Site - Mr. Chuck McGill of the Northern Virginia Daily. TK is using up some well deserved vacation time to Chuck is short handed for a stretch. So if you click over to read the gamer as I usually suggest you will see some of my work for a change. Don't worry, things will get back to normal for Chuck pretty quick and I can get back to just smiling and searching for All That is Good in the World.

Gamer available at in a few hours.

A closer look at Chip Crabill and his Fishburne Caissons

Coach Crabill watching the action

Trying to catch the end of a dunk!
The photo here says it all -A Father, A Son and a young man looking to be mentored

Team huddle during a time out
The Coaching Crabill's

Young man in the gym snapping up pictures
6'7 Senior Center Calvin Washington

Pretty intense looking Tiger

Final score of the JV game

Chip Crabill - Sharp dressed man...
Woodberry Forrest School hosted the contest

Action during the JV game- check out the windows & reflections

Chip visiting with the host before the game

Not as big - still a bit scarey

'Da Bus
Chip and his team improved to 5-7 on the season with the victory last night. To learn more about Chip's team head over to