Saturday, November 15, 2008

Home At Last : Never have the Bright Lights of Down Town Luray looked so pretty !

Somehow made it back home from VCU but sadly now it is time to go work all night on getting our Washington Post delivered. I believe I have 40+ pages of notes from the past week and quite a few pics to choose from as well. Hope to get started soon! Here are a few pics to fill the gap.

Signing off from Richmond. More later.

Rams lose game 3 25-10 and Match 3-0

Rams down 21-8

Rams down 19-7

Rams down 14-6 Game 3

Time Out Rams--Rams down 9-3

Rams down 4-1

Game 3 begins 5:51

Rams lose game 2 25-19

Rams down 22-13

Time Out Rams--Rams down 18-12

Rams in need of a run......

Rams down 13-9

Rams down 6-9

Time Out Rams--Rams down 6-0

Gate City has scored 12 unanswered points.

Rams down 4-0

Game 2 underway 5:30

Rams downed 25-23--Shocked!

Gate City closes on 6-0 run for Game 1 victory.

Time Out Rams Rams Down 24-23

Time Out Rams--Rams up 23-22

Time Out Blue Devils Rams 23-19!

Blue Devil Time Out Rams 19-14!

Doman 3 kills one block. Ayers 2 kills. Conde 2 kills. Smoot 2 kills 3 blocks.

Rams 18-15!

Rams 12-8

Rams up 10-5

Rams up 7-3

Game begins 5:03--GO RAMS!!

Greetings from VCU - Almost Game Time for Strasburg vs. Gate City

RICHMOND - Hidden Valley is trying to hold on to capture Game 3 of the Class AA finals. Trailing 2-0, HV held a 24-18 lead as they attempted to force Game 4 but Loudon County has just raced back to score six straight to force a 24-24 tie.

Loudon County leads 2-0 but Hidden Valley is still fighting for their lives (27-27)...

Loudon County wins 29-27 to sweep 3-0 and capture the Class AA Championship at 4:32 P.M.

Awards ceremony to follow and then final warm-ups for the Class A finals.

VT Club Volleyball : Good thing VB is an indoor sport

HARRISONBURG- Good morning from the rain soaked campus of James Madison University. The action is set to get under way in 30 minutes and here is hoping that the weather breaks before the JMU Dukes play football this afternoon against the Tribe of William & Mary.
Updates on this mornings action when possible...
If you are wanting to read about Wilson-Strasburg click on one of the three links listed below.

Saturday Morning Volleyball : James Madison University Fall Tourney

For those of you that can't wait until 5:00 P.M. in Richmond for your Volleyball fix there is good news for you. JMU's Club Volleyball team is hosting a day long tournament that will have a minimum of 17 teams competing and play begins at 8:30 A.M. The sitr will be the UREC building which is next to the Convo Center on campus.
Kaitlin Smoot (Strasburg '08) and her Virginia Tech "A" team will be competeing as will the VT "B" team. Others schools bringing both their A & B teams include JMU, UVA, Georgetown, Longwood, Maryland and West Virginia. William & Mary, Townson and George Mason are also slated for the event...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Weren't we just here ? Gate City vs. Strasburg for the State Championship/ R.E Lee & Buffalo Gap move on in Prep Football

Great crowd following the Bison (just 1 of 4 sections
), Bill Meade working the sidelines...

Both Jim Sacco and myself had a bit of double duty for Friday night. Jim was staying court side for the Auburn- Gate City semi-final, covering it for the Media General newspaper out of Bristol (Bristol Herald Courier). I believe his story will appear at .
Jim tells me that Gate City won the match in five games and I was able to tell him that Buffalo Gap looked awfully sharp in their 46-12 victory over home standing Cumberland. Gap (11-0) has not lost a game since the fall of 2006 when they dropped their next to last game vs. Riverheads.
R.E Lee also advanced to play another week by defeating Liberty-Bedford 35-7 back in Staunton at Gypsy Hill Park. R.E. Lee will travel to Brookville next Friday while Buffalo Gap will head down to William Campbell. WC eliminated the third team still remaining from our ESPN-1240 coverage area with a 64-6 defeat of Riverheads.
We should be heading down to Brookville next Friday night and the tail gate show should be back on the air at 6:30 P.M. Hopefully Sacco will be back in the fold with us for the game next week.
The weather at Cumberland was right out of a scary movie being filmed in London. The combonation of fog and rain didn't dampen the energy of what had to be 500+ fans that made the trip from Swoope. Gap took a 26-0 lead into the locker room and won the second half 20-12 to give us the 46-12 final.

The Bison scored their 7 TD's about every way imaganible. A pair of punt returns in the first half by Daniel Wise (80 yards) and Michael Johnson (60+ yards) plus a 35 yard TD pass from Ryan Sheridan to Wise...

One of the most impressive parts of the Gap romp came after the Cumberland Dukes scored their two touchdowns. Cumberland scores with 1:58 remaining in the third quarter on a 36 yard TD pass and Gap answered just :23 seconds later. Johnson returned the kick-off all the way to the Dukes 5 yard line and Pickle Nuckols punched it in on the first play from scrimmage.

Cumberland (8-3) scored again with 11:54 remaining in the game on a 2-yard run and this time it took :25 seconds to answer. CHS kicked a pooch ball collected by Boone Jones and Jones retuirned it to the Bison 48 yard line. Nuckols for 7 yards and on 2ND down Sheridan took it to the house from 45 yards out. Nuckols added a final TD with 5:04 left in the contest to close out the scoring. Congrats to the Bison !

Covering the game - Bill Meade for the, Rob Hartlaub for and you can also check it out at for the Richmond Times Dispatch view on the contest...

6:32 P.M. - Ram Tough - Strasburg takes Game #4 - 25 to 23... Back to the Finals !

Congrats to Wilson on their season... Much to be proud of !!!

Strasburg advances to face winner of Auburn and Gate City Saturday at 5:00 P.M.

6:30 p.m. - Strasburg 23, Wilson 21 - Wilson T.O.

tIED 21-21

Game #4 - Tied @ 18-18

Strasburg Time Out - Wilson scores 4 straight, lead 17-12 in 4TH

Strasburg scores 5 straight points, trail 11-13...Wilson Time Out

Rams Time Out - Wilson 11, Strasburg 6- Lady Green Hornets try to force Game 5

Game #4 - Wilson (1) 9, Strasburg (2) 6

6:07 P.M. - Rams roll in Game #3 - Strasburg 25, Wilson 10

Smoot scores 7 kills & 1 block...

Game #3 - Wilson Time Out - Strasburg 18, Wilson 9

Game # 3 - (Tied 1-1) Strasburg 9 Wilson 6

Game #2 - 5:49 P.M. - Wilson 25 , Strasburg 16

Rams Time Out : Game #2 Wilson 20, Strasburg 15

Bartley with 3 kills and 1 block to spark Wilson

Rams Time out : Game #2 Wilson 10, Strasburg 9

Game #2 - Strasburg 8 Wilson 5

5:30 P.M. - Game #1 Final Strasburg 25 - Wilson 15

Samantha St. Clair scored the final kill of game 1 for the Rams...
Conde 3 kills , Smoot 3 kills + 1 block

Guy - 2 kills , Bartley 2 kills

Strasburg 21 Wilson 11

Strasburg 16 Wilson 8

Time Out Wilson - Strasburg 13 Wilson 5

Strasburg 9 Wilson 3

Game On - 5:14 for a play by play blog

4:49 P.M. - Press row is filling up fast !

Coach Knight and Coach Troyer

NVD's Tim Tassa

Chris Lassiter of the News-Leader will be keeping a live blog as will Jim Sacco. John Galle is here from the Shenandoah Valley Herald with his pen and camera. Somebody is here from the Woodstock Free Press and they are filming the game for a live stream through the News-Leader. Just moments away as the ladies from both squads have taken the court!

Sitting just behind us are two of the more decorated coaches in the VB area- Gina Troyer (Turner Ashby) and Alan Knight (Page County)...

Rosanne Weber is behind the lens tonight for The News Virginian...

4:45 - Hidden Valley (Roanoke) advances 15-13 in 5TH

4:44 P.M. - Salem - Hidden Valley tied 13 All in Game 5

4:28 P.M.- Salem rebounds to force game #5

Salem defeated Hidden Valley 25-15 to tie the match at 2-2. Game 5 will start momentarily...

Greetings from Richmond, Va. - It's Almost Game Time for Strasburg & Wilson !

4:11 P.M. - Hidden Valley and Salem have just started Game #4 of their Class AA Semi-Final. The Titans of Hidden Valley have a 2-1 lead over the Spartans. Salem swept the two matches the teams played during the regular season. HV leads 6-2 as they go for the clincher and the right to play Loudon County in the finals.

Tim Tassa (Northern Virginia Daily) is here to cover things from the Strasburg perspective and I am sitting next to Jim Sacco who is manning the fort for The News Virginian. Shaun Cox made the trip from Staunton to cover the Lady Green Hornets for the News-Leader.

Both squads are here are are in the final stages of preparation for the match...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

High School Volleyball : Thursday is in the Books

Boys AAA Semi-finals :

Thomas Dale 25-22, 25-16, 25-22 over Great Bridge
Deep Run 25-15, 25-20, 25-20 over Frank Cox

Next: Saturday at 1:00 P.M.
Thomas Dale vs. Deep Run

Girls AAA Semi-finals :

Westfield 23-25, 25-21, 26-24, 25-22 over Landstown
Albemarle 25-22, 25-20,19-25, 20-25, 15-13 over Chantilly

Next: Saturday at 7:00 P.M.
Westfield vs. Albemarle

The field has been reduced to 12 teams overall with 4 more semi-finals slated for Friday...

10 Minutes with Jim Sacco : Talking Class A Volleyball (Wilson Memorial-Strasburg)

Click on the link below and it will direct you to the segment...

One note- My son Christopher asked me after watching the tape why I appeared to be afraid to look into the camera? Just trying to hide the blood shot eyes as we taped the segment after I drove back from Mathews...

Thanks to Jim for the invite!

The 411 on the Volleyball Match : Heading down to the Siegel Center

The official name for the site of the Volleyball games is The Alltel Pavillion @ The Stuart C. Siegel Center. The Siegel Center is located right off I-95 in downtown Richmond and is part of the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University.

For those of you driving down and want to look up the best route the actual address is 1200 West Broad Street...Richmond, Virginia.

Admission is $10.00 each day and is good for all 4 matches that day
Thursday Schedule :
1:00 P.M. & 3:00 P.M.
Boys AAA semi-finals
(Thomas Dale, Frank Cox, Great Bridge & Deep Run)

5:00 P.M.
Girls AAA
Albemarle vs. Chantilly

7:00 P.M.
Girls AAA
Landstown vs. Westfield
1:00 P.M.
Class AA Girls
Loudon County vs. Chancellor

3:00 P.M.
Class AA Girls
Hidden Valley vs. Salem

5:00 P.M.
Class A Girls
Strasburg vs. Wilson Memorial

7:00 P.M.
Class A Girls
Auburn vs. Gate City
Saturday Schedule (All Games are Finals)
1:00 P.M. - Class AAA Boys
3:00 P.M.- Class AA Girls
5:00 P.M.- Class A Girls
7:00 P.M.- Class AAA Girls

Page News & Courier' Sports Editor Bill Meade picks for the Week

Forgot there was a pair of Thursday night affairs on the board so I better type fast. For those of you seeing this post for the 1ST time, our local Sports Editor Bill Meade has a panel made up of folks here in Page County. Six regulars and 1 guest take a shot at picking 12 winners.
We welcome you to join us with picks of your own from home...

High School Playoffs :
Harrisonburg @ Amherst
Jefferson Forrest @ Turner Ashby
Buffalo Gap @ Cumberland
Riverheads @ William Campbell

NCAA Football :
Virginia Tech @ Miami (Thursday)
Boston College @ Florida State
William & Mary @ James Madison University
North Carolina @ Maryland

NFL Games:
San Diego @ Pittsburgh
N.Y. Jets @ New England (Thursday)
Chicago @ Green Bay
Dallas @ Washington

Mike - Let me know if you want to send some UVA baseball stuff our way...

Road to Richmond :Go Figure, Gardner-Webb saves the Day !

Ever been in a situation where you just needed to catch a break? As the All-State commercials say- I am so there. I can know say I WAS so there but at 9:32 A.M. this morning that all changed.

Every Friday night for the past 2 seasons Chip Crabill and myself have broad casted one of the local (Augusta County) High School football games. ESPN Radio 1240 is the station that we broadcast on and this week we were scheduled to call the Liberty-Bedford @ R.E. Lee playoff game a 7:30 P.M.

The trouble I was having was trying to figure out how to get from Richmond (VCU) to Gypsy Hill Park in time for the broadcast to start. Strasburg and Wilson Memorial are set to play their Class A State Final Four Volleyball match at 5:00 P.M. and the two venues are separated by 109 miles.

Here is where the Runnin' Bulldogs of Gardner-Webb come in and save the day. G-W is playing a Men's Basketball game at 8:00 P.M. Friday night in Blacksburg, Va. against the Va Tech Hokies. ESPN-1240 is a flagship station for Virginia Tech and all things Hokies which means their college basketball game trumps our football broadcast.

Chip called to give me the news and while I am sad that our listeners will miss out on our broadcast of the Leeman, it does remove me from a tough spot. Buffalo Gap, Riverheads and Lee will all play games this Friday night and we will be back on the air next Friday covering one of the teams still Chasing The Dream.

If you were going to listening to the broadcast you now have three choices. (A) Head over to the Stadium and watch R.E Lee play in person, (B) enjoy the broadcast of the Hokie basketball game or (C) head on down to Richmond and watch the Lady Green Hornets battle the Strasburg Rams in the Final Four...

Best of Luck to the Leeman, Gladiators and the Bison this Friday night!

Shenandoah County vs. Augusta County playing for a date with Gate (City)

The only way this could be more fun would be to split the difference between the two schools and hold the match at JMU. Gate City or Auburn awaits the winner on Saturday evening at 5:00 P.M... 1ST things 1ST

Friday night at 5:00 in the Siegel Center in Down Town Richmond...

Let the Countdown Begin : 40 hours left until Wilson Memorial & Strasburg lace them up again...

LURAY - Can't get enough of the coverage that Rob Sisk, Jim Sacco and company are giving the efforts of Wilson Memorial down at The News Virginian this week. I know that I have sent you over there quite a bit the last few days but you will want to check the new stuff out at . I was in Jim's office on Wednesday and he was hard at work on the next story before the ink dried on the previous one.

The idea of treating the Class A Final Four in Volleyball with equal zest and zeal of other playoff runs, these folks are after my own heart...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More pics from Strasburg @ Mathews (Mrs. Smoot) and One of ours from Wilson

Great to see Katie Baker, Cassidy Weitman and Kaitlin Smoot all there to cheer on Strasburg last Saturday at Wilson Memorial.
From looking at three from Strasburg '08, we switch to three from Strasburg '10

Jenna getting some Air time vs. Mathews
Thanks again for sharing the pics...

Finally home from Mathews by way of Wanesbro and Mrs. Smoot (Jenna's Mom) had some pics waiting

Just after the match winning point- Let the Celebration begin
Check out Tim Tassa's gamer @
Game 3 in the books and as Coach said: "We are heading to Richmond"

Stephanie Conde and Jenna Smoot protecting the net
Rebecca Coffman celebrating one of her many Aces

Smoot and Jacyln Ayers moving in for the Block
Thanks for sharing the pics !

The stop over in Waynesboro was a great deal of fun. Jim Sacco and Rob Sisk are pulling out all the stops down at The News Virginian and they invited me to tape a segment with Jim at 1:00 P.M. today. 15 minutes of two serious Class A/Region B/ High School VB fans trying to shine a light on two special teams. Things went well until Jim asked for a pic on the rematch...

They're Back : Gate City Blue Devils join Strasburg in returning to Richmond

Gate City captured the Class A State Crown in both 2004 & 2005. Also finished runner-up to 2008 Champion Strasburg after falling 3-2 in the Finals.

The picture is courtesy of the Gate City High School web site. Gate City is coached by Amy Reed and the Blue Devils record this season is 24-1. The lone loss on the season came way back on September 29TH at Morristown East.

How hot are the Lady Blue Devils ? In their last 10 matches they have dropped a Grand Total of 1 game...

Auburn Eagles of Montgomery County (Riner) makes Four

Riner, Va. is located just a few miles down the road from Christiansburg, Virginia on Highway Va.-8 and their VB team (Auburn High School) will be making the trip to Richmond for the Class A State Final Four this week end.Auburn (24-2) defeated John Battle High School at home on Tuesday night and will next face the Blue Devils of Gate City.

The semi-final match will take place at 7:00 P.M. on Saturday night in the Siegel Center on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. I couldn't locate a team picture yet so for the time being we will use their Eagles logo. Congrats to Auburn High School.

Class A Final Four is set : Gate City (24-1) and Auburn (24-2) join Wilson Memorial (21-3) and Strasburg (23-3) in Richmond

You really want to head over to the The News-Virginian ( for a boat load of coverage already posted on their web page. Sports Editor Rob Sisk and Company were back at triple coverage and it is good stuff over there.
Remember that you can catch Tim Tassa's gamer on the Strasburg- Mathews match at the .

Interested in the other two semi-final teams, check out the gamers at . They have a VB writer down there by the name of Tim Hayes and they stories on both of their games already posted (1:06 A.M.)...

Time to call it a night from beautiful Down Town Gloucester and try to head back through the woods and over the mountain...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Notes from Mathews, Va. : A neat place full of hospitality

A couple of side notes from the experience of hanging out for a day in Mathews...

Tim Tassa (NVD) called back at 10:14 P.M. to let me know that he was able to get his story sent up to Chuck back in Strasburg okay. When area teams travel long distances it can be a challenge to find a spot with Internet access to get the story sent. I had discovered one nearby (Gloucester) and had invited Tim to use it if he couldn't make other arraignments.
Deadline for the NVD is write around 11:20 P.M. He made deadline with plenty to spare and it was in no small part to the good folks at MHS. I was impressed with just how friendly everyone was before and after the match, from the young lady working the ticket table all the way through.
Coach Moughon was a treat to talk with and the staff went way out of their way in order for Tim to get his job done. In a world where most people just want to speak to a high school administration to complain... A tip of the Cap from Around The Valley & the NVD's Mr. Tassa for a job well done!

Strasburg and Wilson Memorial advance to Class A Final Four

MATHEWS- Strasburg and Wilson Memorial took different paths to their 3-0 sweeps on Tuesday night but both are now heading to the Siegel Center at VCU on Friday night.

More to come from both matches but I wanted to get the info up as soon as possible.

Quick pics from Mathews : Story to follow

Gotta love the Boss being one of your biggest supporters
Ram Team Huddle

Blue Devils getting ready to take the court

Did she ever ! Dominating from the service line.

Our buddy Tim Tassa of the NVD. Check out his gamer later at

The excitement after the game 2 victory !

The energy level so much higher than last Saturday at Wilson Memorial. Stephanie Conde was on fire...

Jenna and Jacyln discussing game strategy

This gentelman runs a site at He takes pictures of various events and makes them available thru his site. If they are school related, part of the money goes to the school.