Vote For Sparky!

Lynchburg, VA - This is a special note for you who follow the around the valley blog! Sparky Flames and Virginia need your help! Capital One hosts a national mascot challenge which takes place throughout the year and finishes up at the Capital One Bowl in Florida. Currently, the only school from Virginia in the race to be a part of the capital one bowl history is Sparky Flames from Liberty University. Unfortunately, the last several weeks he has fallen to the Jack Rabbit from South Dakota state. This victory could be huge for Liberty! We would get 1,000 for winning the write in vote (the top 12 have already been established and have been duking it out for months), an automatic inclusion in top 12 next year and a trip to the capital one bowl! Here is where you come in:

Go to
2. Click on Vote
3. Vote for the 12 mascots that are entered
4. Submit it and a "Write-In Vote" section will show up
5. Find Virginia
6. Then find Liberty University - Sparky
7. Submit....
8. Repeat each day!

We'll keep you posted as to the results!

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