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Duke Softball Regional - Day #2

 Duke University and South Carolina playing the Brunch special with an 11:05 first pitch. It's amazing just how muggy it can be this early !    Morgan State and Utah are set to follow around 1pm in the first of three elimination games.    The weather forecast for the days third and final game is not a promising one. The front moving this way all but guarantees heavy rain.      Back to the action, Duke is leading 1-0 heading into the Bottom of the 4th inning. Blue Devils Ace,  Jala Wright, just struck out the side in the top of the frame.     The winner here advances to Sunday at 2-0 while the team that falls short will have to win the final game of the day to make it to Sunday.   D'auna Jennings put the run on the board for Duke with a Home Run to right centerfield in the bottom of the third inning.    Should be a fun day of Softball as long as the weather holds off.    Duke with a huge two out rally from the 7-8-9 spots in the lineup. A walk, hit by pitch, wild pitch and a 2-r

Tonight might be the most anticipated night of Women's College Basketball 🏀 ever and that's a Great Thing for the game ! Opening up its Defending National Champion Louisiana State University versus Iowa. Coach Kim Mulkey has been cast as Darth Vader recently and her Lady Tigers 🐅 will be challenged by Caitlin Clark and friends. It's safe to say that #22 in Black and Gold has taken the game of Women's Basketball 🏀 by storm. These two teams met in the Finals last year with LSU taking care of business. If Game #1 isn't enough the nightcap has Geno and his Lady Huskies facing Ju Ju and her fellow Trojans. USC has the #1 seed in a year where all four Elite Eight matchups were #1 vs #3. Huge night 🌙 ahead for a Sport that I 💘, so Thank You to Coaches and players listed above!

Even though its the Elite Eight games versus the actual Final Four contests, we have a night of Ladies hoops ahead of us !

This is a great example of what is wrong with Social Media and the fact that we give it such a High Place in Life... Charles Barkley made an error during a life broadcast last night 🌙 and most Sports fans realized it immediately. One of co-hosts quickly pointed out the error and had a quick laugh at the Chucksters expense and then they moved on. But "Social Media " has to make sure "they" beat the point home 🏡. Time that could be spent talking about something of importance instead goes to laughing at someone for not being perfect. Anyone that didn't know that Charles Barkley is not perfect is late for the party. Social Media erupts...


March 5, 2024 - Only 18 More Days until the OneofUs.Care Banquet 2024!

We are getting closer to our Big Day ! One piece of sad news is that on Saturday March 23rd the Golden Bears will be playing basball up in Ohio, meaning that Lawrence Nesselrodt won't be able to attend the event this year.

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