Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wranglers run winning streak to 9 by edging Woodstock in 10 innings

Luray made it 9 straight VBL wins with a thrilling 3-2 victory over the visiting Woodstock River Bandits Saturday night at Bulldog Field. The Wranglers needed 10 innings and clutch hitting from Adam McClain (Memphis) to improve their mark to 17-6 for the season. McClain hit a 2-run home run to plate Clay Kelly (Dallas Baptist) and give the home team a 2-0 lead that held up until the top of the ninth inning. Woodstock (9-13) tied the game with two runs after there were 2 outs in their final at bat.

McClain came to the plate with a runner on second base (C.J Lauriello) and proceeded to stroke a single to right center field to send the home fans happy...... The two pitching staffs combined for 30 strike outs- Yes 30 Strike Outs..... More details to come later!

Breaking News!

This just in!
Kenny and Ellen Grant from Stuarts Draft make numbers 6 and 7 to finish the 11-park tour. More information on them later tonight.

A Rare Look Inside Around The Valley in 60 Days..

Today is the half way point of the VBL season so I thought it might be time to share a thought or two about ATV-60. I have quite a few ties to the VBL and will try and explain them to the kind people that follow our sight- Lets use a typical Top 10 List to help us through

10. Retired Sports Writer - I was able to cover the VBL for the 2006 & 2007 Seasons thanks to Mike Petre & Chuck McGill of the Northern Virginia Daily. It is through this experience that I fell in love with the league.

9. Minority Owner of the Luray Wranglers- Key word here is minority as in small piece of the team. This came about for two reasons (1) We work and live here in the community and wanted to help support the team and the town. (2) I couldn't think of a better way to further understand the amount of effort that goes into the VBL.

8. For the third year in a row I am part of the New Market Rebels web cast team. My number of games will be reduced this season due to my schedule criss-crossing the Valley but I should still be there to call 11 of the 22 Rebel home games. Tony Mowat, Dallas Alkire, Charlie Dodge and Jay Hafner are the other voices you here throughout the season.

7. The person/family behind the ATV-60 promotion- this title/position has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. The people I have met and visited with have been life changing for me.

6.Every 5TH Day- I have been a baseball fan all of my life and I have had 1 or 2 baseball hero's a long the way. #5- Wilbur Wood (I am dating myself), #4- Bert Blyleven, #3- Seattle Mariner- Edgar Martinez, #2- Cal Ripken Jr. and the man that has pitched every 5TH day for almost a quarter century now- Greg Maddux.

5. Host Family for Luray- I am not sure how long we will be in position to hold down this position but in 2007 we had DBU lefty Wayne Dowling stay with us and in 2008 we have had another DBU player- Clay Kelly at our house. Of all the things we are involved in, this one has been pretty special.

#4. Team Sponsor- For the second straight season our company (Crystal Clear Delivery) has been a team sponsor for the home town nine. Another key cog to the survival of each team in each town. The teams would have little hope of getting thru a season without help from the local businesses.

#3. The "Voice" of the Wranglers - It is my job to try and make everyone that attends a game @ Bulldog Field have an enjoyable time at the park. Working the PA system this season has been nothing but fun for the guy doing the talking and hopefully for all the folks stuck having to listen.

#2. Luray Game Day Programs- Rebecca gets most of the credit for this one as she does the lions share of the work but we enjoy having another way to try and help the team and support the VBL.

#1. One of the biggest fans of both ALL THINGS VALLEY LEAGUE (John Leonard) and the VBL itself. For this season just consider me a guy out in LA sitting atop of a billboard 100 feet in the air. Why is the guy sitting up there and when will he come down?

A. He is sitting there hoping to do nothing more than draw attention to something he is PASSIONATE about and wants as many people as possible to know it!

B. He will come down when the season is over (Yet to be determined if he will be institutionalized afterwards).....

This blog was created for people to share thoughts, stories and pics having to do with the VBL and we welcome all to join in (As long as it stays positive or offers thoughts on ways to improve).

Time to head out to Fauquier...

A Few Updates of Note

I'm trying to make sure that the site is really user-friendly and easily accessible! Here are a few things I've done to try and accomplish this:

  • Subscribe! You can subscribe, now. There's an option to do so above the Around the Valley in 60 Days logo. You can add it to your Google page, your Yahoo page or any one of 4 of other options. Click on the "atom" option to really be wowed. I think that is the best of the options because it's a page just for us! Selfish? Perhaps... Check it out!
  • New archive. I changed our archive to one that stores by the week rather than the month. We add so often that keeping it at a monthly archive made the site really long, even when our posts weren't. You're welcome!
  • Tags! I'm adding tags to all of our backed entries. This is taking me a while. I still have about 120 or so to do but I think it'll be worth it. You'll be able to select a team or a person and filter the posts to see only those regarding that person or team. Exciting!

A different type of Double Header on tap for Saturday (Day 29)

My wife Linda has collected 10 of the 12 stamps she needs to finish out her Passport and she plans on taking the ATV-60/ Bruce Alger Bus down to the All-Star game in Covington so that leaves her in search of a trip over to Warrenton for a Fauquier Gators game. The twin bill that will take place tomorrow between the Staunton Braves and the Gators will give us the opportunity to sneak across the mountain and still make it back for the 7:30 PM game between
Luray and Woodstock.

I have to be back and behind the microphone for the Wrangler game by 7:15 PM so the 4:00 PM start for game 1 will be great. We will be getting to take care of a few things at the same time. Linda will be able to collect the 11TH stamp, Rebecca will be able to give Kay and Boyd a disc with some Braves pics on it and I will be able to get a second look at the beautiful field over at Fauquier High School.

Don't know if G-S-G Mike will be able to catch the first game of the twin bill on his way from Waynesboro to Front Royal. Stop laughing- US 522 does make it sort of on the way. Both games of our twin bill should be good ones as the night cap will be a battle of RED-HOT Teams. Woodstock comes over having won 7 of 9 (Please see Karma in an earlier post) and Luray was won 8 straight contests.

Rebecca is busy creating/adding all types of fun gizmo's and gadgets to our site to make it even easier to use! Stayed tuned...

We'll Take It!

No matter what you send us, we'll share it with everyone if you'd like! Whether it be baby pictures of the players or updates about the family, send it our way. This one was sent to us by Pat Kelly in Texas!

Waynesboro at Woodstock - Written by GeneralsSignGuyMike

Woodstock Edges Generals 4-2 in VBL Showdown
Written by: GeneralsSignGuyMike (Mike Kerr)

Here is the recap from the Waynesboro vs Woodstock tilt from Central High School.

Woodstock defeated Waynesboro 4-2 ending the Generals 5 game winning streak and now the River Bandits have won 6 out of their past 7 games. Kirby St John was your winning pitcher and Jeff Sinkiewicz was the losing pitcher who pitched 2 2/3 inns, 4 runs, 6 hits, and 2 walks.

Woodstock scored all 4 of their runs in the first 3 innings. Waynesboro did have chances in both the 2nd and 7th inning leaving the bases loaded both times. Chris Enourato had a RBI single in the 6th and Derek Hamblen and a RBI double in the 7th.

Here is now where the game gets sort of strange. Derek Hamblen leads off the 9th with a single and Brandon Sizemore then strikes out. After this Evan Webb walks and then play is called for a 3 minutes due to the 2nd base umpire having a restroom break. Ryan Adams is then called looking at strike three. Grant Buckner is up next and with a 1-1 count the pitcher Greg Waddell throws a wild pitch way over the catchers and umpires head and the ball goes into the net behind home plate. Hamblen is more than 3/4 to home and Webb who already stole second on the 1-0 count is on 3rd base and then the umpire says its a ball, not a wild pitch and not even a dead ball. Most of the Generals players are calling dead ball and asking to advance each player one base. But the umpire calls it a ball and asks play to continue with a lot of us being confused the next 2 pitches are called strikes and the game ends 4-2. I think it should be 4-3 at least. But if a ball is stuck in a net should it be called a dead ball? We will never know.

On to Front Royal tomorrow. GO GENERALS!


Fauquier at Luray in Photos


Discussing events of the day

Andrew Armstrong (OSU)

Armstrong had it going for 7 innings

Our Puppy - Diamond

Mindi's Mexican Resteraunt- Game Sponsor

Diane Buckley/ good crowd on a Friday Night

More crowd shots...

A different angle on the action

TV-3's Zach Choate (Damon's partner)

Guessing at the # of Match Books ?

New Arrival C.J Laurielo playing 3RD

Adam McClain playing behind Chad Pierce

More shots of the Fans @ Bulldog Field

C.J Laurielo in the on deck circle/ Steve Stropp at bat

Steve Stropp takes a swing

ODU's Josh Wright taking his cuts

Cool view

More fans on the home side

Chris Rey on deck / Adam McClain at the dish

The Gators dugout

Frank Florio and Libbeeerrrttttyyy's Jeff Jefferson !

Austin Markel and Jeff Jefferson

Austin about to go deep for a 3-Run HR

The cool thing about hitting a 3-Run dinger is the party at the plate!

Everyone is show happy to welcome you home!

Cory Johnson helping out Steve Stropp

Night time is a coming

Future Wrangler or Gator ?

Wranglers at dusk...

15 Runs on 13 Hits

Florida International's Steve Stropp

ODU's Josh Wright

Armstrong still going Strong

Yes- his arm was strong

Turner Ashby and The Ohio State

Memphis's Adam McClain

Skipper Mike Bocock talking to the troops

and then the Umpires

A Wrangler basking in the lights

Austin Markel waiting his turn

Then making it count !

Miami Hurricane Ryan Perry

U of South Florida Bull Chris Rey

Another shot of Ryan Perry

Dallas Baptist University's Clay Kelly

A meeting at the pitchers' mound

Clay trying to wait his turn

Clay scored 2 runs late in the game

One RBI after getting hit by a pitch- ouch

Mr. Juno Carroll

Brian Dice takes his swipes at the dish

The Gators celebrate one of their two Home Runs

The final #'s on the Score Board

Brown University's Matt Boylan