McGill and the Northern Virginia Daily hit for the Cycle !

There is a very trendy to do in Hollywood and that is to list the 100 Most powerful people and from time to time that spills over to the world of sports. I would like to think I have an informed opinion on the subject of the Valley Baseball League and the person that sits atop of the VBL movers and shakers is none other than Mr. Chuck McGill. Chuck is the Sports Editor at the NVD and he and he alone is the only person capable of showcasing the entire league on any given night.
Hubert Grimm (News-Leader) and company do a tremendous job of covering Waynesboro and Staunton and showing the league a fair amount of love. The DNR and the Winchester Star do nice jobs covering the Turks and the Royals but the NVD is the Washington Post of the Valley when it comes to the VBL. The NVD covers four teams (Front Royal, Woodstock, Winchester and New Market) that are in their core readership and they sell papers in Luray and trickle down toward H'Burg as well as over in the direction of Haymarket.
The old saying in the game about on ANY given night- well last night was one of those nights for the NVD. If you live in the area you need to but a copy of the Wednesday paper and if you don't then you need to get on line at .
Here is how the night played out for the Daily:

Single- Craig (I think he won a pretty cool award this year for his writing) Juer headed over to the Bing along with camera man Dennis Grundman to catch the Turks- Cards tilt. Craig only scores a single because whomever has Dennis with them looks better on the front page. Craig watched the same young man I watched pitch the other night at New Market. Eric Thomas was on the mound again for the Turks and was impressive once again. This young man was so sharp against the Rebels the other night and I knew so little about him that it sent me in search of his bio.
I think that if you take the time to read "Turks' Thomas takes down Cards" you will see that Craig liked the Bethune-Cookman pitcher as well. Nice gamer by Craig and if you want to know more about Eric you can scroll back thru the blog some. If you read the story and like it you can tell Craig so by dropping him an e-mail @ .

Double- Tim Tassa gets the two base hit because his game involved 2 NVD squads. Tim covered the on-fire/red hot/can't touch this Woodstock River Bandits defeating Winchester by a score of 12-5. After starting out 2-10, Foltzie and Stu's team has went on a tear by winning 5 of 6.
Woodstock was without Foltz last night (I think he booked a fishing trip thru the same guide that Mike Bocock used last week) but assistant coach Anthony Macaluso filled in to earn the "W". Winchester was at Bridgeforth Stadium until almost 12:30 AM last night and I am not sure if that effected the Royals or not. Tim wrote a nice piece on the clash and you will want to read it. You can contact Tim at .

Triple- The 3 bagger goes to Mr. Tommy (TK) Keller for 3 reasons. First- TK is the senior writer on the staff at the NVD, 2ND- he had to travel the greatest distance to his game and 3RD- TK was cornered in the Rebel Park press box by yours truely before the first pitch. I am very excitable when talking about the VBL and TK simply couldn't get to the door to get away from me. I have a great deal of respect for the Passion that TK shows for the things in the Sports World that are important to him- the same way the VBL is important to me. TK and Ron Hartlaub (News-Leader) both wrote gamers on the Braves 8-2 victory over the Rebels and both have some great quotes from the Staunton skipper. I shared my own thoughts on the game (I was doing the web cast) with Kay and Boyd Snyder as they left the park- I been to a game for 25 straight nights and that was by far the most complete game I have seen any team play this summer. Send TK a note @
Staunton had no errors, took advantage of every crack in the door that was there and executed bunts and sacrifices everythime they were asked to do so. Oh yeah-this just in-Lance Baxter can really pitch- The lefty entered the game with an ERA of 0.53!
The top 10 highlights during the game included:
(1)Both teams and VBL president Dave Biery coming out onto the field to celebrate the 85TH Birthday of Rebel Assistant Coach Mo Weber. There was a huge cake and plenty of ice cream after the ceremony for the entire crowd to share. This was my second Mo Birthday Party in a row and I hope the streak doesn't stop there.
(2) Rebecca and I were able to present Mr.Bruce Alger with a special plague for his completion of the ATV-60 loop. Bruce collected stamp #12 on Sunday when his Rebels traveled to Haymarket for a game with the Senators. I will be looking forward to seeing it on the wall at the Algers' home before too long. Way to go Bruce!
(3). Word came from Generals Sign Guy Mike that the Haymarket folks took the time to acknowledge the two Generals fans that completed their cards during the game at Haymarket. Ms. Tabatha Lunsford and Ms. Beverly Henderson became #4 & #5 to finish the loop and I look forward to visiting with them again in the near future!
(4.) Tony Mowat and I made some room for "The Commish" as I like to call Dave Biery, up in the Crows Nest and we talked with the man behind the VBL for a couple of innings. Tony had never met Dave but my broadcast partner is great at going with the flow and he added some questions during the mix.
(5.) Damon was there from TV-3 H'Burg and was dressed for the occasion. We always like seeing Mr.D but I think he still owes the ATV-60 some camera time. He always adds to the night at Rebel Park.
(6.) The word arrived from Covington by way of a text message from "our summer son" Clay Kelly that the Luray Wranglers survived THE BUS RIDE to Covington and defeated the Lumberjacks by a final score of 6-3. Luray has won five straight since back-to-back losses to Waynesboro last Monday & Tuesday night. Waynesboro won 10-3 @ Haymarket to keep the Generals tied with the Wranglers for the best record in the VBL. I did notice the NVD did not have the Haymarket final so I want to let them know to feel free to check in with me on any given night if they are missing a score.
The scores are tougher to get at times coming out of Haymarket but for the standings to be up to date we need to work on that.
(7.) Getting to visit with Charlie, Melissa and Noah Dodge after the ball game. This is always a fun time for me and I always encourage Melissa to add as mauch to the blog as she would like to..
(8.) Getting two magic stones- this will be a story by the end of the week!
(9.) Having the chance to show Mike the view from the Crows Nest when he stopped on the way to Haymarket. He had never been to THE PARK!
(10.) Getting to hang out with my daughter Rebecca for a while and her getting to give the plaque to Bruce.......

If you were scoring this post at home you should be asking where is the Home Run to complete the cycle for the NVD?

That goes to Chuck himself- he had to have noticed my question about how the fans could read the gamer on the after deadline contest the night before and he had this to pass on- I guess I should back track for a second. I mention all reporters that I see at all the games that I cover and then offer a link to their web site for a look at the report. During the Monday night marathon between Winchester and Waynesboro I noticed that Ms. Alyssa Goodson was covering the game for the NVD but the game didn't end until 12:15/12:20 ish.
I knew that the NVD could not print her gamer so I was left to wonder how it would play out?

Chuck let us know here at ATV-60.....

"The new server gets them online somewhere between 4 and 5 AM, if I post the Web before I leave. If there is a late story-like Monday night in Winchester- we go web only with those and the webmaster posts them online when she gets to work, around 6 or 7 AM."

I try not to play favorites in the world that is ATV-60 but Chuck spent a fair amount of time trying to make a story teller (that would be me) into a writer, so on a night where he and his crew/team/guys knock one out of the park, I want to be the first to say TAKE A BOW- THIS ROOTBEAR IS FOR YOU!

Photos to come later because I have to change out of my newspaper delivery clothes and into my golfing attire because we are headed to the Luray Caverns Country Club where the Luray Volunteer Fire Department is hosting their annual fund raiser. If you can't support your local Fire Fighters who can you support. After a shower and a quick nap I will head to a VBL park near you for the 26TH straight nite!

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