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Strasburg Single Copy Locations

The following stores carry both the Daily & the Sunday Washington Post in the town of Strasburg. Exxon / McDonalds - Exit 298 off I-81 Strasburg 7-11 - 225 N. Massanutten Street (540) - 465-3294 Strasburg Food Lion #550 - 794 Shopping Center Road (540)-465-5335 Strasburg Rite-Aid #1893 - 335 Crystal Lane (540)- 465-3725 Strasburg Handy Mart #10 - 314 West King Street -------------------------------- You can also pick-up the Sunday Post @ : Strasburg M & R Store - 361 West King Street (540) - 465-5044 New Star Market - 2936 John Marshall Highway (540) - 465-5735 __________________________________________________ Near By Stores: Lebanon Church,Va. Gradens Super Market & Guitar Shop - 6836 John Marshall Highway (540)-465-4447

Updates from 2010... CCD welcomes Northern Shenandoah County

Back on Monday February 15TH of this year the Washington Post made the decision to once again combine work areas in hopes of cutting costs here in their outer market area. The latest change included taking over in Strasburg, Toms Brook, Maurertown, Fishers Hill & Woodstock. ___________________________________________________________ The first piece of business is to acknowledge the amazing job that Mr. Fred Haddad and his wife Theresa did over the past two decades. We were very blessed to have both Fred & Theresa stay on board on Sunday mornings as we attempt to keep the level of service at the bar that was set. ___________________________________________________________ The biggest challenge in now trying to manage a territory that ranges from the top of Strasburg down the valley and across the New Market Gap over to the town of Shenandoah is trying to keep up the personal touch that all four of the previous distributors provided for their customers. ______________

Please enjoy the Pics & Stories from the Past 3 Years

As has been the case for the past three years, all photos found on this site are free of charge to anyone that would enjoy them! We hope that from time to time someone will look back and find a reason to smile once more time ! God Bless...