Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stonewall Jackson (Girls) @ Strasburg... A Night with Coaches Jeff Burner & Joel Morgan

trasburg+Rams+050.jpg" border=0>SJHS's Jessica Richardson being covered by Rams' Jenna Smoot

Check out the form on the "J"

Mrs. Stout and a couple of die hard Shenandoah County Sports Fans!

101.jpg" border=0>A little 12 on 12!
Freshman Cassie Conley& Senior Bethany Doman

Jump Ball - Let's play some hoops!

The Generals following their intros...

Getting to spend another evening with young Mr. Stafford of the Northern Virginia Daily was a treat. Jeremy has a great outlook on the High School Sports scene. You can check out his gamer by clicking over to

The Junior Varsity game went to the home team as Strasburg defeated Stonewall by a final score of 30-17.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Welcome to 2009 by looking back at some special folks from 2008

LHS & BC's Jenny Logan
A second season of Friday Night Football

Wilson Memorial Volleyball

JMU Football
The Mayor of Quicksburg!

4 of my favorite people/Coaches
Too Cool
2 pretty classy folks
Ms. Kala Guy
Chip Crabill
Elena Kritter
The Smoots
Thanks to Shirley
The Generals
Mr. Bill Turner
Ms. Katie Baker
HAPPY NEW YEAR : To John Galle, Jim Sacco, Chuck McGill & EVERYONE that has taken the time to view our efforts! God Bless to All

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Central @ Stonewall Jackson - Linda catching some Junior Varsity action!

More Pics from Quicksburg 12/30/08... Later Linda has some shots from the Junior Varsity games

The Mayor of Quicksburg : Head Coach Jeff Burner
NVD's Jeremy Stafford deep in thought

Coach Mathews rallying her troops

The banner from 30 years ago - 1978-1979

Jessica "The Bull" Richardson with Mom & Dad

Central's Ashley Ebersole

Falcons Head Coach Stephanie Mathews

Members of that 1978 Championship Team back for a re-union

One of the friendliest faces to wear the whistle in Our Valley

Central's J.J. Armentrout

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sophie Stout and Roger Wilkins : Opossing Coaches in Game 1/ Proud Parents in Game 2

Heather Stout in block out position for a rebound of a free throw. Mom and younger Sis watching through the glass.Both Head Boys Basketball Coaches from the 6:00 P.M. game had daughters playing for Coach Burner and Stonewall Jackson in game #2.
The Stout family at half court after a full night of basketball. Three of the four games played Tuesday night involved a member of the Stout family. Don't forget Dad as he was there to support all 3 of his ladies!

Mr. Stout watching the action

Plenty of reasons to smile after a Big Time performance!

Coach Roger Wilkins leading his Falcons from the sidelines before cheering on his daughter "Tiger" Wilkins in the Girls game.

Coach Stout leading her Generals...

Date Line - Shenandoah County : 8 Hoops teams under 1 Roof

Not only was it Central vs. Stonewall Jackson all night long, it also included the four basketball teams from the two schools that are separated by 14 miles of I-81. There was plenty of action between the Falcons and the Generals and we will do our best to share some of it with you over the next day or two...
We will get things started by telling you that Jeremy Stafford was there to cover the games for the Northern Virginia Daily. Check out Jeremy here interviewing Coach Burner after the night cap. Check out the gamers from Chuck McGill's most recent staffer by clicking on at .
I did have the time to visit a bit with Jeremy during the 20 minutes between games and asked how he likes being a "staffer" versus a stringer? The answers were solid- fewer teams and fewer schools to cover, which allows more time to focus. Job security is another one but at the end of the day I think it just comes down to getting to spend more time with Chuck.
Enjoy the gamers...

The most recent member of the 1,000 Point Club : Stonewall Jackson's Molly Beall

Stonewall Jackson senior Molly Beall joined the 1,000 point club earlier this month when the Generals were playing Strasburg. Molly became the 4TH General to earn membership under the guidance of Head Coach Jeff Burner.
Coach will tell you that he has five ceremony though, as Ms. Hovatter broke the 1,000 point barrier a second time (2,085) before graduating.
I have Molly play for the Generals for her four years and truly appreciate her workman like effort when she is on the floor. The photo here is of Molly and her family following the SJHS game vs. Central.
Congrats Molly on an outstanding career while wearing the Red & Black!

Coach Rinker on the Air : Shenandoah Sidelines TV Broadcast

Rinker comparing notes with Falcons Coach Roger Wilkins
One of the banners that is special to both Rinker & SJHS

The company is Shentel and the voice is Mr. Kenny Rinker...
Mr.Rinker is in his second season of broadcasting games for and its community Channel 3. The hard working crew was back in the gym last night filming both the Varsity Boys & Varsity Girls games. You can learn more about their efforts by clicking on their site at and looking in the upper right corner for the option of Shenandoah Sidelines.
Rinker and his softball team hung that banner in what was the second season of playing Softball at the Quicksburg school.