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Thursday January 26th, 2023

Good Morning from the suburbs of Laurel Fork... It's been a while because things have been happening a rapid pace around here. Actually both here and up in Page County where we are closing in on the completion of our " Raise a Barn " project. Yesterday turned out to be a fairly long day but it was full of enjoyment. I made my first trek to a quiant little town called Chilhowie, Virginia where are Junior Varsity Girls took care of business against the hometown Warriors. Exit 39 off of I-81, just below Marion if that helps. Today is the rare day where the paths cross as on Friday morning up in Shenandoah Travis Knight is going to be getting our "Barn" ready for electricity. Travis is what I would call an Answered Prayer. Most of the volunteers on our project where in it from the start but Travis happened to be in the right place (for us) at the right time and we are going to get to include a Phase 2 item to our Phase 1 rollout. Translation being we will h