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Big Game in the Small Town : Road Tripin' with Bill Meade to Buffalo Gap

On the road with Bill Meade on Friday meant the back roads - Highway 42 The welcome mat is always out in Swoope ! Keith crunching the stats for Gap as well as the Generals Ms. Stacey was there to support John Galle on a Friday night. Stonewall's Molly Beall with John Galle "The Mayor of Quicksburg " Jeff Burner holding court with Galle , Shaun Cox and Bill Meade Check out John's work next week in the Herald Mr. Burner finishing the score book as the scribes take notes. Coach talking with the folks at TV-3 after the game. The Gap girls listening to Head Coach Chad Coffey The score at the half following a late 3-pointer from Freshman Cassie Conley Senior Sara Lamneck Dualing TV cameras Renee Burford , Samantha Long & Holly Morgan Cassie Conley, "Gracie" Lutz and Heather Stout Coach Coffey taking a moment to remind us it is only a basketball game. MOOOOOWWW The spot for dinner down in Churchville . Great spaghetti! __________________________________

Catching Up with Waynesboro's Reggie Harris

Reggie Harris was a 21-year old rookie when he made his Major League Baseball debut for the Oakland A's back on Independence Day of 1990. The former Waynesboro High School star would go on to play professional baseball from 1990-1999. I had a chance to visit with Reggie on Thursday for about an hour and I am looking forward to the next time we can get together. ________________________________________ Drafted in the first round by the Boston Red Sox after graduation, Harris wasted little time in making to the "Show". Two years with the A's were followed by a stint in the minors that included 1993 with the Tacoma Rainier's of the Pacific Coast League. Tacoma is where our paths crossed indirectly as we were living in Seattle at the time which is 45 minutes to the North of Tacoma. _________________________________________ Harris returned to the majors in 1996 with the Boston before joining Philly in 1997. The 1997 season wit

Great to be back in the Gym ! Stonewall 48 Riverheads 32

Freshman guard Ashlie Clar The final score that moves Stonewall to 5-0 in the Shenandoah District, setting up the Friday night showdown with 5-0 Buffalo Gap. Anybody want to head down to Swoope ? Fellow freshman guard Cassie Conley Dennis was in the gym to provide the "Art" work for the Northern Virginia Daily. The Generals getting ready for the opening tip. Ms. Smith greeting the starters as they are introduced to the crowd. The visitors from Greenville getting ready for the game. Heather Stout breaking the tension for her team. Now we know what helps the Energizer Bunny going. Want to know more about the game - check out the gamer by going over to It will be the one with the cool looking pictures... Looking for some Riverheads school history - where does the term Red Pride come from? Would anybody out there know the story?

Thursday Night Hoops - Riverheads @ Stonewall Jackson

The winter storm is trying to disappear from the Mountains and we have hopes of playing some high school hoops later today. It will be a busy stretch for all of the Valley High School Athletic Directors as they scramble to try and find dates for the postponed games from Tuesday & Wednesday nights. _____________________________________________ This will also make it tough on the local Sports Editors like Rob Sisk , Hubert Grimm and Chuck McGill . If you are wondering why it is because a number of the games will be played on Saturday night. That has the coverage of the games competing with some football game that is being played this week-end. No such trouble for me- just an opportunity to spend a few more days trying to bring joy to my little corner of the world. Riverheads will make the trip up to Quicksburg on Thursday night to play Stonewall (Girls) in a contest that was designed to be played Tuesday night. _____________________________________________ 24 hours later Stonewal

If you have a couple of minutes check out Jim Sacco's work from yesterday

All of us that where stuck indoors yesterday had to find a way to blow off some steam and some of us are better at it than others. I was hoping to be over in Waynesboro with Sacco and then back in Quicksburg for the Riverheads -Stonewall Girls Basketball game. Not to be so I filled the time with work that had piled up but not Mr.Sacco- he took his pen (or keyboard) and banged out an interesting column. Check it out over at

Please make it Spring Time outside !

Central Girls travel to 250 Ram Drive for battle with Strasburg- Final Shen County game of season

The almighty Ram protecting the town... Bethany Doman attempting a free throw Strasburg's Jenna Smoot Shenandoah Sidelines' Kenny Rinker and Central High School Head Coach Roger Wilkins visiting during the break. Just looking at the Purple "S" makes me think of Mr. Doman chanting "We Are" The Rams just before tip Mr. Rinker in the fore front and Falcons Head Coach Stephanie Mathews in the back ground. Rinker was there doing the broadcast for Community Channel 3. The broadcast will be aired on February 2ND. Rinker and his crew will be back in action on Feb. 3 when the Page County Panthers come to visit the Generals of Stonewall Jackson down in Quicksburg . _______________________________________________________ Rinker was joined on Press Row by Craig Orndorff of Valley Sports and 790 AM. Craig was doing the radio broadcast and I was fortunate enough to be sitting in between the "talent". Just to the right of Craig was Jeremy Stafford of th

It is why they play the game! Warren County survives 2OT with 77-75 victory!

The story about this amazing contest has been sent to the Warren Sentinel and I will try and tell the "Rest of the Story" on this one. I will say this for sure - the effort of the Warren County Wildcats was a thing of beauty for sure.

Saturday Afternoon with the Warren County Wildcats (Pics Only- Story to follow)

Jon Roof looking to inbounds the ball against Freedom It is not everyday that you get to see the # 6 in the block for period! Karen Moxie watching the action with Linda & Bob Keen Logan H ibbs and Head Coach David Cramer Jeff Moxie bringing the ball up the court/ Logan Hibbs on the wing The Wildcats turning up the "D" late in the game Freedom Head Coach Kevin Weeren VB Coach Cathy Brill in the gym to support her Wildcats There is a special story that goes with this set of pics but I owe it to a newspaper before I can re-tell it. Let's just say it was a special day for the Wildcats!

I think we could of played baseball today down @ Kate Collins Field