A Rare Look Inside Around The Valley in 60 Days..

Today is the half way point of the VBL season so I thought it might be time to share a thought or two about ATV-60. I have quite a few ties to the VBL and will try and explain them to the kind people that follow our sight- Lets use a typical Top 10 List to help us through

10. Retired Sports Writer - I was able to cover the VBL for the 2006 & 2007 Seasons thanks to Mike Petre & Chuck McGill of the Northern Virginia Daily. It is through this experience that I fell in love with the league.

9. Minority Owner of the Luray Wranglers- Key word here is minority as in small piece of the team. This came about for two reasons (1) We work and live here in the community and wanted to help support the team and the town. (2) I couldn't think of a better way to further understand the amount of effort that goes into the VBL.

8. For the third year in a row I am part of the New Market Rebels web cast team. My number of games will be reduced this season due to my schedule criss-crossing the Valley but I should still be there to call 11 of the 22 Rebel home games. Tony Mowat, Dallas Alkire, Charlie Dodge and Jay Hafner are the other voices you here throughout the season.

7. The person/family behind the ATV-60 promotion- this title/position has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. The people I have met and visited with have been life changing for me.

6.Every 5TH Day- I have been a baseball fan all of my life and I have had 1 or 2 baseball hero's a long the way. #5- Wilbur Wood (I am dating myself), #4- Bert Blyleven, #3- Seattle Mariner- Edgar Martinez, #2- Cal Ripken Jr. and the man that has pitched every 5TH day for almost a quarter century now- Greg Maddux.

5. Host Family for Luray- I am not sure how long we will be in position to hold down this position but in 2007 we had DBU lefty Wayne Dowling stay with us and in 2008 we have had another DBU player- Clay Kelly at our house. Of all the things we are involved in, this one has been pretty special.

#4. Team Sponsor- For the second straight season our company (Crystal Clear Delivery) has been a team sponsor for the home town nine. Another key cog to the survival of each team in each town. The teams would have little hope of getting thru a season without help from the local businesses.

#3. The "Voice" of the Wranglers - It is my job to try and make everyone that attends a game @ Bulldog Field have an enjoyable time at the park. Working the PA system this season has been nothing but fun for the guy doing the talking and hopefully for all the folks stuck having to listen.

#2. Luray Game Day Programs- Rebecca gets most of the credit for this one as she does the lions share of the work but we enjoy having another way to try and help the team and support the VBL.

#1. One of the biggest fans of both ALL THINGS VALLEY LEAGUE (John Leonard) and the VBL itself. For this season just consider me a guy out in LA sitting atop of a billboard 100 feet in the air. Why is the guy sitting up there and when will he come down?

A. He is sitting there hoping to do nothing more than draw attention to something he is PASSIONATE about and wants as many people as possible to know it!

B. He will come down when the season is over (Yet to be determined if he will be institutionalized afterwards).....

This blog was created for people to share thoughts, stories and pics having to do with the VBL and we welcome all to join in (As long as it stays positive or offers thoughts on ways to improve).

Time to head out to Fauquier...

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