Notes from Mathews, Va. : A neat place full of hospitality

A couple of side notes from the experience of hanging out for a day in Mathews...

Tim Tassa (NVD) called back at 10:14 P.M. to let me know that he was able to get his story sent up to Chuck back in Strasburg okay. When area teams travel long distances it can be a challenge to find a spot with Internet access to get the story sent. I had discovered one nearby (Gloucester) and had invited Tim to use it if he couldn't make other arraignments.
Deadline for the NVD is write around 11:20 P.M. He made deadline with plenty to spare and it was in no small part to the good folks at MHS. I was impressed with just how friendly everyone was before and after the match, from the young lady working the ticket table all the way through.
Coach Moughon was a treat to talk with and the staff went way out of their way in order for Tim to get his job done. In a world where most people just want to speak to a high school administration to complain... A tip of the Cap from Around The Valley & the NVD's Mr. Tassa for a job well done!

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