Celebration Night : Stonewall seniors make it 4 Straight/Burner earns win #200 just ahead of 40TH Birthday

Meghan Lutz, Coach Burner, Molly Beall & Assistant Coach Jason Lutz
Bobby Burner visits with Jessica & Molly after the game.

Jessica "Bull" Richardson and the Burners

One of the most distinguished looking group of administrators you could hope to meet. Still smiling near the end of another typical 16 hour day!
Molly & Bull with their Roses.

Molly, Jessica, Coach & Brittany Smith

The NVD's Dennis Atwood and Coach. Check out the gamer at http://www.nvdaily.com/ .
Coach Burner, Jason Lutz, Emily Crider & Bobby Burner after the game.

A Trio of Coaches with 1,000 total wins within sight. Legendary Central Coach Jerry Walters (Jeff's Walters Dad), current Central Head Coach Roger Wilkins and Burner.

Molly and Ms. Lutz enjoying the moment
Quite a pair of High School Leaders!
The Stonewall Seniors kissing the horse after clinching their 4TH straight Shenandoah District Championship

Sonya was in the gym taking pics for the Free Press. Check them out next Thursday!

Mr. Dennis Atwood of the NVD
Freshman guard Cassie Conley on crutches after suffering an early injury. Godspeed on the recovery.

Some has been trying to sink the Half Court shot. Must admit the second attempt hit inside the rim. Thanks to Dennis for catching the action.

Luray's Chris Mercer sharing a moment with Mr. B

Stonewall making a tunnel one more time as the Generals head to the half.

You know these two as Mr. & Mrs. Nicest Man in Page County

Coach and Roger in the gym to cheer on "Tiger" Wilkins


Shenandoah University assistant basketball coaches Bobby Burner and Emily Crider sitting with Mrs. B. They tell me that Emily could play a little basketball in her day!

Stonewall AD Todd Fannin enjoying the ceremony

Helaina Rotondi receiving her giftsThe underclassman also presented Roses to their parents during the ceremony.
Six seniors in all played their final home game in the Stonewall gym Thursday night.
Four of the six played 4 years on varsity and their careers included 100 games as of last night.

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