Hanging Out with Lawrence and his Golden Bears on the eve of Opening Day

Skip going over final notes with his staff as Midnite approaches. The young man on the left is Student Assistant Danny Flores. Flores is a native of Miami, Fl.
"Da Bear"

One of the coolest Business Card holders that I have seen

After practice is over and the field is lined, Skip finally gets to make the 10 mile drive back to his office on campus.Opening Day is now just minutes away!

Final thoughts being shared with the kids at the end of practice. The group, while small in numbers, appear to be ready to get the season started.

Center Field at the Stadium which is located down the road in East Bank, WV.

The Press Box and facilities at the Golden Bear park.

Trying to catch the view of the Astro-Turf infield. Pretty impressive stuff!

Spongy is the word to best describe it.

The scoreboard at Douglas M. Epling Field

The view from the back balcony at nearby Hawks Nest State Park located in Anstead.

Pretty special part of the State. Very Easy on the Eyes.

"The Bridge"

The road sign on I-64 as you cross over into the land of "Wild and Wonderful"

Trying to show how early one has to start out to get the trip made.

Happy Valentines Day ! Just two hours until first pitch so it is time to get to the ball park!


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