The Final 5 Reasons Last Night in Waynesboro was awesome!

I think I made it half way down the list so I will pick it up at #5...

#5. Brian Lundstrom- The voice of the Generals! For the fourth time in four trips down to Kate
Collins Middle School, Brian was everything you could ask for in someone working the PA at a ball game. From the moment we arrive until we head back out Brian has been a blessing.
I have stated many a time that a promotion lives or dies with the voice of the team and once again Brian read through and talked about Mike and Chuckie as if they were his family. The third member of the finishing Generals (5 total now) Keron Hutchinson was unable to attend last nights ceremony but Brian made a point to include her as much as possible. For one more time- THANKS A MILLION !

#4. "The Chuckster"- I met Chuck the first time when I came down to Waynesboro and then again when Mike and Chuck stopped by Rebel Park on the way up to Haymarket. What a neat person and I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed being there for his big moment! Then the 5 or 10 minutes spent helping him warm-up before the actual first pitch was something I will remember for a long time.

#3. The Waynesboro Generals players- Off the charts! Take a look at the pics of how the players reacted to Chuck and Mike as they were leaving the field. There was no- glad that was over, who was that- EVERYONE still in the dugout got in line to give their fans a high five. I can only imagine how much that added to the night for the Dynamic Duo.

#2. Generals Sign Guy Mike- Hearing from Mike all season long, whether the Generals won or lost, truly helped me get through the Marathon still in one piece. The baseball knowledge that Mike has is equal to his passion for the Generals and the game. When the season is over and we fold up our tent for 2008 here at ATV-60, Mike will be near the top of the list of people we will be endetted to.

#1. Lawrence "Big Picture" Nesselrodt- That is my name for the Generals skipper (maybe Mike can get that put on a sign for me!) after yet another amazing show of class and respect for the game and the VBL. This is where I tend to make waves- by saying more about one persons/teams (fill in the blank). There is no slight attented to any of the other 10 skippers in the VBL, just some PRAISE for Skip.
Before this season my conversations with Nesselrodt had been limited to your typical post game interview- what went right type of questions. I have had the priviledge of speaking to Lawrence on a number of occassions this season and come away even more impressed than the time before. Thanks again for helping out and your hospitality is overwhelming !

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