It's confirmed- Winchester 9-0 over Front Royal- Royals advance to post season

The Royals web page update is posted and it is official- Winchester, behind the arm of John Leonard (8 innings/8 K's of shut out ball), defeated Front Royal 9-0 at the Bing. That makes six teams in- two more to go!

With tonight's 4 finals and one postponement here is the chase for the 7TH & 8TH playoff spots:

Haymarket -8 (6 to play)
Harrisonburg -8 (8 to play)* Three make up games to play (vs. Gators-2, Cov-1)

Woodstock -10 (6 to play) 1 game out
New Market -12 (6 to play) 2 games out
Front Royal -14 (6 to play) 3 games out

Monday night- 6:00 PM & 8:30 PM - Double Header- Fauquier @ Harrisonburg... A lot of fans from Woodstock, New Market and Front Royal as well as Haymarket will be keeping an eye on these two games!


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