Day 52- 2 More reasons to make me smile !

Good Afternoon ! Just 4 more hours until the double header over in H'Burg and I wanted to share a couple of thoughts. I saw that Rebecca posted the video that Teresa sent to us as well as one she found on line. 1 really funny clip and 1 very heart warming clip!

I just finished collecting my store accounts for the Post, something we do each and every Monday. Most Mondays it doesn't feel like 127 degrees outside but my spirits received a big lift when someone mentioned the PA work at the Wranglers games. The Bestwestern in town and Outlanders out on US-211 had fans of the team inside the store when I came in.

Not once but twice (in the same day) somebody told me that it was more fun to be at the games with the energy I put into the announcing. I am very much old school- Yes Sir/No Maam/Nice Job/Thank you kinda person so the words meant a great deal to me. Good ole Tony Mowat had a great line about listeners and how many will love you, how many won't care and then group 3-well lets just not go there. Thanks for making a old guys day!

As Ernie Banks was famous for saying- Let's play two today! Anybody up for a twin bill at the Stadium? See you in Harrisonburg.

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