We made it to another ATV-60 Celebration- This time with Luray's Diane Buckley and her daughter Morgan!

We have been very fortunate in making it to every ceremony that has been held (to our knowledge) of the wonderful fans as they return to their home parks. Last night we were on hand in Luray as Wrangler GM Diane Buckley and her youngest daughter Morgan made their way out to the pitchers mound. Wrangler catchers Cory Johnson and Steve Stropp
handled the pitches from the two young ladies and while I couldn't be out there with them because I was the one talking about them, I did get a chance to speak with them after the game.

I have spent a fair amount of time talking with Diane this season and she has always appeared to be calm even she was multi-tasking. I think the adrenaline got the best of her nerves but she survived the big moment just fine. Her husband Jeff did tell me that they spent some time practicing at the house to they would be ready.

I asked Jeff if he would be ready when it was time for him to throw out his first pitch next Sunday or Monday night following his and Madison's (Jeff & Diane's older daughter) trip over to Fauquier for the Wranglers double header on Saturday.

"I am and I will be throwing off the rubber," Jeff said. I love it!

When I caught up with Morgan I think she was sharing her Mom's nerves during the ceremony but she also shined out there on the field. Congrats to both and also
Thanks for making it Around The Valley!

More 1ST Pitches to come this week:
Monday- Over @ Harrisonburg (?)
Tuesday- Down at Waynesboro (3)
Wednesday- Over at New Market (3)
Friday- Back @ New Market (1)
Saturday- Over @ Harrisonbug
Sunday- At Luray (2)

Then we have to sort out the Turks fans that crossed the line together! I will be at Teresa's place tomorrow night to begin work on that mission!

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