The Thanksgiving Day Newspaper...The Inside Scoop

Each year the Washington Post publishes a Special Edition of the newspaper on Thanksgiving Day. The goal is to get everyone for Black Friday, especially the ones that are brave enough to hit the stores before the Sun rises.
The product is the largest Daily newspaper of the year and requires assembly that is a challenge for us and then comes the special delivery instructions.
Step 1-Take the papers to the local stores with a retail price of $2.50 in the outer market.
Step 2-Deliver a copy of the newspaper to all of the 7-Day customers that would be expecting their typical Thursday newspaper. There is no extra charge for the Home Delivery customers.
Step 3- Take a free copy to each and everyone of the Sunday Only customers. Both the set that fall inside of the daily boundaries and the folks that reside in the far reaches of our beautiful Valley.
We have learned that some of the four previous Distributors had not been driving to the far corners to get everyone a paper so we have to reserve part of the day to explain why they found a newspaper in their driveway or in their news tube. The word still does not reach everyone as we will notice a number of Thursday papers still in the Sunday Only tubes when we make the rounds with their Sunday newspaper.
Once the dust has settled and the final paper has been delivered the eight of us can head home in search of sleep before sharing the day with our families. The story reads a bit more like the work of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve than how ones spends Thanksgiving but the good news we are "THANKFUL" that we have the opportunity to service our customers and to do so in one of the prettiest places in the country!

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