A Special Thanks to Mr. Rob Sisk...

On the eve of my oldest daughter's (Sabrena) wedding, a fellow Liberty University grad (Sabrena being the first grad) by the name of Rob Sisk made the day just a little more fun for me. Buffalo Gap tipped off their semi-final contest against Franklin High School at 11:00 A.M. down at the Siegel Center and Rob was looking for a different angle to cover the contest.

All I had to do was be willing to put my life in the hands of an oh so tired Jim Sacco for the drive down to V.C.U and jot down a few thoughts on the game. Any of you that listen to Jim and I talk about the game for 19+ minutes the day before can only imagine that the hardest part of the assignment would be to limit the piece to under 1,000 words.

Lucky for Rob I was needing to get down to Liberty for the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner by 5:30. This and this alone saved Rob from having to break the bad news to me that the deadline for the paper was ... well, you get the idea.

Please click on the link if you have an interest in reading the column and one final Thanks to Mr. Sisk for the invite!


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