Daniel drops off the final Loopster Jackets !

We will be spending the next few days working on the delivery arraignments for the final VBL/ATV-60 Loopster Jackets. Daniel has finished the artwork and we will be looking to put smiles on a few remaining faces.
There are 5 New Market Rebel jackets in the mix with 3 of them going to the Dodge Family. Kay Helsley and Mr. Bruce Alger are also part of the group of Rebels that finished the loop.
We have 3 Winchester Royals jackets that are headed toward Jim Shipp, Betty Phillips and Julie Hagaman.
Buck and Jacob Smith will be receiving the 2 Front Royal Cardinals jackets and the Buckley family of four will be getting a set of VBL Champion Luray Wrangler jackets as well.
The final number of Loopsters went from 50 to 52 there at the very end and we want to say Thank You to each and everyone of the folks that went to the trouble of carrying their passports all Summer long!

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