A VBL Game of 52- Pick Up

Today marked the final day of starting the process of getting all 52 of the ATV-60 Jackets on their way to their new homes. If you are one of the fans wondering where your jacket is, Please check the list of the folks that have offered to help me get them distributed...

Luray's Bill Turner (6) - Bill has the 2 Turner Jackets and the 4 Buckley Jackets

H-Burg Teresa Wease (18)- Teresa has all 18 of the Turks jackets

Generals Sign Guy Mike (6)- Mike has 5 of the 6 Generals jackets, Chip Crabill has Seans'

New Market's Bruce Alger (6) - Bruce has his, Kay's, Linda Keens and the 3 for Winchester

Kay & Boyd - Have the 2 for the Grants

Scott in Haymarket (3) has the three Sens jackets for Joe and the Parker's

The Dodge's- (5) - Their 3 plus the two for Buck & Jacob

The Carter's each have their jackets

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