News from the old Home Town - Ichiro makes it 9 Straight!

SEATTLE - Anyone out there old enough to remember Wee Willie Keeler ? Safe money says that there is no one alive today that was around when Keeler ran his record of 200 hit seasons to eight straight back in 1901.
But we are all talking about Keeler this week because Ichiro Suzuki broke the 108 year old mark my making it nine for nine when it comes to seasons with 200 hits. Ichiro made it to town one year before we left the Great Northwest and he proved to Major League Baseball that an everyday player from Japan can make it in the bigs. Even as our team has struggled over the years it was still fun to check the box score to see how many hits Ichiro picked up that night.
2,000 hits plus the 1,000+ hits from Japan makes fans wonder just how high can the total number of hits run before Ichiro hangs up his magical bat?


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