Kouz goes upper deck (412 Feet) in support of Maddux

Kevin Kouzmanoff (Winchester) is quickly becoming one of my favorite former Valley players! Once again the Nevada Wolf Pack star has homered with Greg Maddux on the mound. Kouz's blast put Maddux (350 wins & counting) up 4-1 after 4 innings. The first time in a long long time Maddux has some breathing room.

UVA spotted Miami a 7-0 lead before rallying late and the Cavs dropped the ACC Championship game 8-4 to the Hurricanes. Consecutive losses take a bit of the shine off back to back upsets over UNC & FSU but it should still give the Hoos a boost heading into the regionals.


After 5 hours and 51 minutes the Padres managed to win 12-9. Another no-decesion for the Professor but a win for the home team!

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