Staunton News-Leader arrives hot of the presses...Also-Film @ 11:00 !

From time to time Chris Lassiter (News-Leader) will end up covering the same High School Football game as the one we are doing on the radio. When this happens it is always a pleasant visit and Chris will share his knowledge of the game with us on the air as well as pass on other scoring updates.

This time the venue we shared was court side @ VCU for the Wilson Memorial vs. Strasburg semi-final match Friday night. The News-Leader was doing a live stream video of the match that folks back home could watch on line. The Saturday copy of the N-L showed up in the mailbox here and their coverage pushed being two pages full.

Shaun T. Cox wrote the gamer and Chris wrote the column and five different photos from the lens of Pat Jarrett covered pages B1 & B2. As of know the video replay is still available (with Chris doing the commentary) at the newspapers website . A tip of the cap to Hubert F. Grimm III and his team for all of their coverage...

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