Bruce's Week-End Adventure with The Dukes...

The opposing managers during the Sunday rain delay.
Getting to be the "Voice" of the Dukes for 48 hours makes the list of Cool things I have been fortunate enough to do in my lifetime. Thanks to Kevin Warner for letting me sit in for him.

There were a few Home Run celebrations over the 3 game set.

Kevin enjoying a room with a view. Gotta love his portable office.

A bit of the action.

The man that gets the credit for keeping the field playable (with help from his players).

Bruce wanted the Dukes to feel at home so up went the sign in CF.

More game action...

Mrs. Alger hard at work.

The players and coaches of Stonewall Jackson in between games trying to get the field back in shape.

The umpiring staff for the games on Sunday.

Mike, Bruce and Katie.

Mike was the man when he ran out and bought a portable heater.

Kevin and Coach.

The heater!

This would be Austin hard at work during the game on Saturday. You can check out his pics and such on his sight by checking the side of our blog.

The balloons were a nice touch - JMU Purple & Gold.

The Dodge's not only showed up but they brought a gift!!!
More pics of the SJHS Grounds Crew...

Kevin studying the radar on Saturday.

The radar looked scary the entire series but they managed to get 3 games in.


Austin said…
Great photos, Jerry. I got up yesterday, looked at the radar, and figured the Bryant kids were already on their way home! I never thought that there would be a game yesterday.
Hey Austin,
The thought of them playing a twin bill on Sunday was pretty far fetched to me too. I thought I would just be sitting in the press box for a couple of hours.
It was great to see you again!

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