Week #8 of the 2009 Duke Experience - Blue Devils @ UVA

Thad Lewis answering questions in the Media Room
Mr. Chris Graham finishing his work for the day.

The Duke Media Room.

Mr. Cav Man

Blue Devils taking a well deserved breather in the fourth quarter.

Mr. Cav Man & Rebecca

Thad Lewis in the pocket.

It's a Mother & Daughter thing.

Inside the Press Box @ Scott Stadium

Orange & Blue Faithful

Thad waiting for the snap.

Yes- I am a fan of Thad Lewis.

The Cavs Sideline & Fans

The Blue Devil letting you know who is #1...

How is that for a Belt Buckle?

Duke's Cheer Squad working the sidelines.
The Coin Toss.

The Cav Man & His Horse

Taking the Field

Here comes the Cavilers.

Coolest job in the Country ?

Presenting the Colors.

"V" marks the spot @ Mid-Field

Duke 28, Cavilers 17 (F)

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