It's 5am on a Monday and Coach Ness is already trying to represent our Golden Bears 🐻

  In a throw back tribute to Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in "You've Got Mail", just before 5am my Cellphone 📱 made that little noise that tells me that someone has sent me an email. I am already 30 minutes into my day and I smiled when I saw where the message came from. It was two messages actually, from our Skipper Lawrence Nesselrodt.
     In a 3-game series being played in Midway, Kentucky the Golden Bears 🐻 were slated to play these contests on Friday / Saturday combination. Circumstances changed that to Saturday / Sunday and eventually to Sunday / Monday. Just another day in the office in the World 🌎 of NAIA Baseball ⚾️.
        WVU-T opened the series with a victory after a late offensive explosion broke up a close game and after a short break they looked for the sweep of Day 1. The team would drop a close decision in the nightcap and later this morning will look to head out of town with a series victory. There will be more coverage from Midway after the game today but know that no matter how the game plays out that Skipper was at it all day long.

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