Carter set to retire after 15 years of Running with the Golden Bears 🐻. Focus is on how Bright the Future of the Program looks going forward!

      Jerry Carter has been a part of the West Virginia Tech University Golden Bears 🐻 Baseball ⚾️ program for as long as Lawrence Nesselrodt has been the Skipper of the team. There will be a change in the lineup card after this season draws to its conclusion as Carter will officially step down from his position in the program.
  " Lawrence Nesselrodt has always been about two things," Carter said. " You simply have to give the Game of Baseball the respect that it deserves and Always leave a place better than you found it."
    During the 15 year run together the program has changed Conferences, Athletic Directors, home Stadiums and even Campus locations - going from Montgomery to Beckley a few years back. Each step along the journey has been a step in the right direction for the Golden Bears, including the move that placed West Virginia Tech under the Umbrella of West Virginia University.
    "We have come such a long way from that first game we played back at East Bank Middle School," noted Carter. " The biggest difference between now and then is the amount of support that surrounds Nesselrodt."
   The current regular season is set to conclude with a 3 game series against Ohio Christian University with Senior Day festivities just part of the closing weekend that the team has in the works.
     With nine Conference games remaining on the schedule the Golden Bears 🐻 currently hold one of the six post season spots by one half game. A successful end to the regular season could push the finale back by a few post season games, a thought that would be welcomed by Carter.
   "The program competes in a tough Conference and for a few years now we have been on the outside looking in when the Post Season came into play," Carter added. " It would be a terrific way to go out, with our team making a deep run in the post season."
     As far as the future goes Carter plans to cheer the Dynamic Duo of Lawrence Nesselrodt and Joe Goddard on for another decade or so as the two legendary Coaches show no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

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