A great week for Sports for ATV-60 here this week...

For the readers that have been here since the beginning you know by now that the VBL is just one of a few things that I am passionate about in the Sports world. This week will prove to be an exciting one as three nights in a row will be filled with events that have a special importance to me.
Let's begin with Wednesday Night at the Nationals game against the Dodgers. While I did complete the cycle of MLB cities I have not been to a game at the Nats new home this season. It seems that I was a bit busy this summer with the VBL. That will change on Wednesday as we head to the stadium to watch Mr. Greg Maddux take a third run at win #354 at 7:30 PM.

It turns out that the game we saw Maddux pitch out in San Diego was his final game this season as a Padre. Maddux is back for a second run as a Dodger with hopes of helping Joe Torre and company catch Randy Johnson and the Arizona D-Backs before the end of the season. The next victory he records will move him into a tie for #8 overall with Roger Clemens. If you're not to busy Wednesday night, how about a MLB game?

Thursday night has my/our adopted Volleyball team, the Strasburg Rams making the trip South to face Alan Knight and his Page County Panthers over in Shenandoah. The seven seniors that we followed through their season last year are gone but Coach Suzanne Mathias also has seven returning players from the 28-0 squad. They will be returning in a couple of weeks to play at Luray High School as well and of course will make the trip over to Rappahannock County later this season as well.

Then on Friday night we will spend week #2 of the High School Football season down at Wilson Memorial for a game between the Green Hornets and the visiting Stuarts Draft Cougars. I team up with Chip Crabill each week on ESPN-1240 WTON to broadcast the Augusta County High School Football Game of the Week. Last week we opened with Fort Defiance traveling to Gypsy Hill Park to play the R.E. Lee Leeman. It is always fun to work a broadcast with Chip and be able to help shine a positive light on some area high school athletes.

This weeks broadcast will have a VBL flavor as the head football coach at Wilson Memorial is none other than Mr. Derek McDaniel. Derek spent his summer working with Lawrence Nesslerodt as the pair team up to run the Waynesboro Generals. The game last week had a touch of VBL to it as I was able to visit with Kay & Boyd Snyder of the Staunton Braves as I made my way up to the press box.

During the season I made reference to the efforts of Hubert Grimm III and his staff over at the Staunton News-Leader in regards to their efforts of covering the VBL. I have to say the one thing they do even better than cover the VBL is cover the 7 public high schools in Augusta County. I was able to have Chris Lassiter on our pre-game show and Chris joked about at 10 years he is still considered the newbe of the group.

Chris took a few minutes out of his time to give a break down on the game and I hope we are able to get Ron, Al or Mr. Cox to do the same down the road. We were also able to spend a few minutes with Mr. Gerald "Buck" Harman before the game and look forward to having him on the air with us down the road this season.

There is a fair amount of cross-over between the VBL and other area high school and college activities, especially on the media side. One of my favorite memories of the last football season was a game we were working at over in Stuarts Draft. There was another broadcast team working the game as well and there was Mike Bocock doing the color for them. At the half, Mike stepped over to where we were and we did a 5 minute segment on VBL baseball!

One of the things we were giving away as prizes Friday night were passes to the Redskins event on Saturday down in Augusta County and that got me thinking about some of the Loopsters that are pretty serious Skins fans. The Dodges and G-S-G-Mike both came to mind for me on this one. I must admit I will pay a bit more attention to the Skins this season because of their new Head Coach. Jim Zorn wearing that cool looking helmet of the expansion Seahawks was just one of the things that made me take that first trip out to the Pacific Northwest...

The football game we are calling is just one of a ton of games being played here in our beautiful Shenandoah Valley this Week-End and I hear that there is a football game being played over at Scott Stadium between this Pete Carroll guy and his USC Trojans. Is this the biggest game in recent history of the Cavilers?

Every year with Labor Day comes my own birthday and I guess this year is no different. Hard to believe it has really been (only) 45 years but as I told my wife all I want for my birthday is for Greg Maddux to win his next two starts so I hope the Nats will co-operate on Wednesday night!

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!!! God Bless...

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