Out with the Summer of 2008 - In with the Fall of 2009

Wow! That Teresa Wease is a special lady...

After finishing my story on Blaine Brown and Mike Murphy I went to see if there were any comments to post and I found one from Mrs. Turks! I would be lying if I didn't say that finding comments waiting in the inbox from readers is the coolest part of this site.

I have had quite a few people ask about the Summer of 2009 but my answer was I needed to continue forward to the end of 2008 first. My thoughts the other day served as a recap for the 2008 VBL Season and just as you take your car in for a State Inspection when the sticker says to... The garage gave us a new sticker but...

Now that we can close the books on the season (I wasn't willing to do that until G-S-G-Mike had the time to send in his final thoughts), I think it is safe to look forward to the rest of the off season and what the Summer of 2009 might hold. I through a great deal of things at the wall this past year in an effort to see what would work.

That list included Owner (L), Board of Directors (L), PA guy (L), Web-Cast (NM), Around The Valley in 60 Days promotion, 1000's of pics, a park every night, writing gamers and creating this site/blog. Toss in calling a game with/for the Generals on ESPN 1240 and you get the idea.The only way to see what people really enjoyed and what should be brought back is to ask for some serious feedback from the readers.

The only things that I have scratched off the list for possible 2009 events is Owner and attending a game for 67 straight days. The role of minority owner is just too too serious for someone to have as a hobby! I refer to the 67 straight days as a STUNT, just like a person living on top of a billboard out in Los Angles. The need for exposure led me to the act of craziness that we will call the Summer of'08.

That still leaves a number of topics left on the table I am looking for other serious folks to talk about what worked and what didn't. There is a glaring need to continue to get the word out to all of the people connected to the VBL. I knew once the first pitch was thrown the owners would be busy but even I learned what kind of level of busy that is. Any plans involving the team owners should be taking place right now.

I consider the VBL to be a well kept secret on a number of fronts and WE need to change this in all ways possible. I have had a conversation with Dave Biery this past week and hope to start to lay out a game plan on things that could/can be done to help spread the word about our great league. I know that Melissa Dodge over in New Market has an idea or two in her mind that might be fun to take a look at in the next little while.

Looking for feedback from anyone still checking in about their thoughts on plans for the 2009 VBL Season...

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